Hasmana Putra, Virnanto (2009) BUDIDAYA DAN PROSPEK PEMASARAN ANGGREK BULAN LOKAL (Phalaenopsis amabilis) Di KEBUN ANGGREK WIDOROKANDANG YOGYAKARTA. Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Local plants Anggrek Month (Phalaenopsis amabilis) is a type of orchid plants that many natural penggemarnya. Living in a humid and a little like the sun. Figures have a beautiful flower, colored yellow, pure white tongue, also has a long flower stalk. Orchid blooming this month if there are about 15-20 flowers that bloom bud. Treatment is very simple, such as sprinkling melaukuan once a day if and when the rain 2 times a day if the weather is hot. Many found in Java in particular, the dijuluki with a Anggrek Local Month. For the price it is per tree varied, ranging from Rp.15.000 up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah, or less depending on the bud blooms Internship done in Yogyakarta, precisely in the Garden Anggrek Widorokandang. Located at the West Center City of Yogyakarta, which caused the location easy to reach "different types of vehicles. Garden Anggrek Perintis gardens, including this early beginning, the Garden Anggrek others in Yogyakarta. Ever sweep anggrek various competitions both National and Regional level. Garden is still active until now in making it be in bottled diperjual for sale to all over Indonesia. In the garden is divided into two parts, the first one that is still a dwelling house with a garden that is used to treat seeds that start out of the bottles (compote) until the age of teenagers (6 -8 weeks), the garden is located about 200 meters from the first garden , which is used to make bottled orchids (because there laboratoriumnya) and also for caring for orchids grown from bud to flower. After conducting internships in the Garden anggrek Widorokandang Yogyakarta is a lot of experience, applying the cultivation of orchids and orchid sales to bottled. There, I do various activities, such as orchids issued to media bottled compote, sow seeds of orchids, over plantet Planting orchids in the laboratory, cross it and make an introduction to various types of rare orchids such as Anggrek Macan (Gramatophilum), Paphiopedilum, in Taiwan, Pandu Average 5 (anggrek kalimantan black), cane Anggrek and many more. In the Garden is true there are many orchid species that tried to start dibudidayakan. At the time internships are also taught to apply the provision of fertilizers and appropriate, the application of medicinal orchid pests and diseases in order to keep the plants grow healthy orchids and flowering with the diligent. Activities internship I do this for 1 month. For terms of business, it is very profitable months, the trees have been given the rare rarely found, which makes this price rise higher plants (expensive). Approximate analysis of the business hours with the orchid area 1.25 mx 12 m where a tree grows 2 -3 handles, price per bud reached Rp.750 and the harvest around 6-7 months after planting, with tptal production cost Rp.5.207.000 , then the income is estimated that handles 3 x 10 x 400 pot bud Rp.750 namely Rp.9.000.000 x 7 per month, so net profit 7 per month is Rp.3.793.000. For return on investment akan terlunasi of 2 years from the start this business.

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