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    INDRA WIJAYA, D0306043, Social Impact Evaluation Traders from Ngarsopuro Market Development Project, Skripsi, FISIP, UNS, Surakarta, 2010. This research is a qualitative descriptive study using the method of evaluation. This study evaluated the impact of development projects Ngarsopuro Market socially against the trader. Researchers interpret the social impact of the impact of social interaction between traders, so in this study researchers evaluated the impact of social interaction between traders of the implementation of development projects Ngarsopuro Market. The purpose of this study were: (1) to determine the effectiveness of development projects result in social Ngarsopuro Market in achieving initial goals, (2) to determine coverage Ngarsopuro Market development project results in terms of the social in early goals, (3) to determine whether there is a result of undesirable from Ngarsopuro Market development project in terms of social, (4) to determine whether or not in terms of social benefits obtained by the traders and the Government of Surakarta Ngarsopuro Market development projects, and (5) to determine the efficiency of the traders using the sources of funds and power of development projects Ngarsopuro Market. Systematic research is divided into four chapters is chapter one contains the background, objectives and methods of a study. Chapter two contains descriptions of locations, chapter three contains a presentation of the results of research and discussion, and chapter four contains the conclusions, implications, and suggestions. The samples in this study are purpossive sampling with snowball sampling technique. Informants who were taken in the beginning is the most influential person in the population which in turn informant showed another informant told investigators. Data collection in this research uses observation techniques do not play a role, in-depth interviews and use of written documents. Validation of data in this study using triangulation techniques or triangulation of data sources. The theory used in this research is the theory of Social Interaction and Gillin Gillin, Gillin and Gillin which states that social interaction is a common form of social processes in society. Also Gillin and Gillin said that the process of social interaction is divided into two namely associative processes of social interaction and social interaction processes disasosiatif. Based on data collected by researchers, social interactions that occur between traders Ngarsopuro Market is the social interaction that is associative in the form of relationship exists between the traders know each other, there are activities undertaken by traders together, there was assimilation among traders, and established cooperation among traders. After the researchers analyzed data that had been obtained, the results of this study are as follows: Market development project outcomes Ngarsopuro the terms of the social effective against the initial objectives have been determined, the results of market development projects Ngarsopuro the terms of the socially included in the initial goal which have been determined, market development projects Ngarsopuro not cause unwanted effects in terms of social, there are benefits traders and the perpustakaan.uns.ac.id digilib.uns.ac.id commit to user xvi Government of Surakarta Ngarsopuro Market development projects, market development projects Ngarsopuro initially inefficient for traders in the use of energy sources, so that the traders should seek to make energy efficiency resources. Key Words: evaluation, social interaction

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