Terjemahan kalimat tanya pada percakapan dalam novel remaja dear no body yang diterjemahkan kedalam bahasa indonesia

Anik Nurhaniah , Yayuk (2008) Terjemahan kalimat tanya pada percakapan dalam novel remaja dear no body yang diterjemahkan kedalam bahasa indonesia. Masters thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta .

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    The research aims is concerned with the question sentence analysis in Dear No Body novels. The research is a qualitative research. The aims of the research are to describe kinds of question sentence, the pragmatics function and equivalent analysis in the question sentence. Kinds of question sentence are divided into two yes-no questions and wh-questions. while the pragmatics functions can be seen at the illocution force in the sentences. It’s also divided into two: real questions and rhetorical questions. Different with real question, rhetorical question has interrogative grammatical forms but nonquestions meaning. The equivalent analysis is concerned about equivalent and non equivalent in translation of the question sentence. The result of the research shows there are different application of kinds of question sentence in SL and TL. Yes-no question in SL often uses tobe / auxilary as question words, and the translation’s result in TL are different. Almost of them are translated into declarative question forms. Wh-questions especially how has multifunction, and it is translated into Indonesian with several alternatives not always use term bagaiamana. About the pragmatics function, the result of research shows that there are 50 data as a rhetorical questions, and the biggest number is question sentence which has the angry illocution force. Related to equivalent, the research’s result shows that from 239 data, there are 198 (82,84 %) equivalent which accurate translation, and 15 (6,28%) equivalent which inaccurate translation. For nonequivalent, there are 13 (5,43%)data. Finally, it can also be concluded that the question sentence equivalent analysis of the conversation in the Dear No Body Novels are categorized as a translation which has high equivalent degree. Translation will has high equivalent if translator understand not only concern about how to translate from SL to TL but also must notice about the language aspects. Questions sentence translation in the conversation must concern about context and pragmatics functions from the sentence. Because sentence which is used in the conversation will different illocution force.

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