Penilaian penonton terhadap lakon, bahasa, dan tata panggung kesenian wayang orang Sriwedari

Hadi Wibowo , Gembong (2008) Penilaian penonton terhadap lakon, bahasa, dan tata panggung kesenian wayang orang Sriwedari. Masters thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta .

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    The objective of the research is to examine the audiences’s evaluations to the wayang plays, especially on the stories, the languages, and the stage arrangements of Wayang Orang Sriwedari performance in Surakarta. Wayang is known and supported by the majority of Indonesian people. It has special pattern and characteristic and high quality, so it becomes one of the national cultures. Wayang, in many regions, has it own shape, pattern, and version. The endurance of wayang proves that it has functions and roles in the live society’s cultures. Its functions and roles, since it was created until the present days, is not constant and depends on the needs, the demands, and the creations of the society which supports it. The research was the field research with qualitative descriptive type. The data collecting techniques were interviews, observations, and documentations. The sampling technique was purposive random sampling with 15 person samples. Qualitative analysis methods were data/sources triangulation technique, with data reduction analysis technique, data presentation, and the drawing of the conclusions or verifications. The research concluded that some of the audiences gave impressions that the stories of Wayang Orang Sriwedari performance were easily to understand and contained of the good philosophies, and had educational values for the society, beside the jokes interludes in some of the scenes, so the audiences did not get bored and enjoyed the shows. Many of the audiences had opinions that the usage of the Javanese languages in Wayang Orang Sriwedari performance were easy to understand and interesting since it had Java literature values. The Javanese language which contained moral values as its soul, would bring the positive implications for the audiences. The usage of Javanese language which was interested to the audiences was the language which was easy to understand and had high quality of Java literature values. The audiences evaluated that the stage arrangements of Wayang Orang Sriwedari performance were good enough and took attentions of the audiences. However, it was regretted that the sound system condition was not insufficient, it needed to be renewed or repaired. The sound system was very important in Wayang Orang performance, since the good sound system would bring the good and clear audio, so the audiences could enjoy the performance and understood the story. In the other word, the social message contained in Wayang Orang performance could be extended to the audiences.

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