Proses partisipasi masyarakat dalam proyek penanggulangan kemiskinan di perkotaan (studi kasus di Desa Langenharjo Kecamatan Grogol Kabupaten Sukoharjo)

, Ramli (2007) Proses partisipasi masyarakat dalam proyek penanggulangan kemiskinan di perkotaan (studi kasus di Desa Langenharjo Kecamatan Grogol Kabupaten Sukoharjo). Masters thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta .

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    Problem formula in this research is: (1) How society participation in project of handling poorness of urban area ( P2KP); (2) What is execution target of this project of handling poorness of urban area ( P2KP) have precisely. Research done with a purpose to: (1) To know how society participation process in project of the P2KP; ( 2) Knowing what is execution of this project of P2KP have zero in on. Research done in District of Grogol Sub-Province Sukoharjo, by using qualitative approach, having the character of is descriptive, used Analysis technique in this research is descriptive qualitative analysis, by using model analyse interactive. Result of research: (1) Involvement of society in planning P2KP in the field of physical, economic, and monitoring have been realized in reality activity which is in the form of joining in of citizen in compiling jobplans, making poorness reflection and follow to map the condition of existing society through donemeeting by BKM, other participation in course of planning is involvement of society citizen in determining program which must developed in overcoming poorness specially in Langenharjo countryside. Early activity done by citizen is by drawing up all perpetrator of this including in it is all volunteer; (2) Society Langenharjo countryside have shared active in the field of physical developing, social and economic. In the field of Langenharjo countryside society citizen physical along with UPL (Environmental Unit Organizer) have been able to execute development in the form of moulding walke and making of aqueduct, in the field of Countryside Langenharjo society citizen economics have donesome economic activity among others its self-supporting group of society in small industry management, in the field of social manifestly Countryside Langenharjo society have owned awareness with to assist impecunious pertained citizen in which is realized by cheap market form: (3) Participation society in evaluate to P2KP manifestly have been realized by society citizen in compiling reporting, which in compiling report result of execution of this project of society always follow to involve, so that directly society citizen can observe the way execution of this project. Oral reporting and also written submitted by committee in each citizen meeting in neighbour fondation storey; level give real picture, that society citizen follow to involve direct in observing and giving evaluation to P2KP execution.

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