Upaya-Upaya Bank Indonesia Dalam Menanggulangi Pencucian Uang Berdasarkan Undang-Undang Bank Indonesia

Pujiyono, (2007) Upaya-Upaya Bank Indonesia Dalam Menanggulangi Pencucian Uang Berdasarkan Undang-Undang Bank Indonesia. Yustisia, 71. pp. 88-100.

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    This research aim to know the axcecution of observation and efforts [of] Indonesia Bank in overcomeing Money Wash, besides also to know the resistance and way to overcome the resistance based on UU Bank Indonesia. Problems lifted in this research are (1) How is the observation of Indonesia bank in overcoming money laundering? (2) How is the efforts in Indonesia Bank in overcoming money laundering? (3) What are the resistance of Indonesia Bank overcoming money laundering and how are then ways out of? In line with the target and problems, This method of research use social/nondoctrinal research method with interaksional/mikro approach. Analysis used is qaulitative. This research type has non doctrinal character, With method paradigm qualitative, in principle the analysis conducted with data construction into a circular opinion with searching, reducing and analysing data to yield conclusion. From this research is conluded that: (1) Obesrvation axcetuition to doing an injustice this defalcating is supported by through system, strategy, basis for opertaional, observation mechanism enabling to detect early. (2) The preventif efforts are conducted by Indonesian Bank branch Surakarta in overcoming money laundering are tight observation and repair the administratif system, give full support to Know Your Customer Principal. (3) The resistances come form internal and external, Meanwhile the way to overcome the resistance with coherent observation and execute various training. Keywords: Money Laundering, Bank, Efforts

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