FURYANTI, IDA (2009) PENGARUH KUALITAS SERESAH PANGKASAN Tephrosia candida dan Acacia auriculiformis TERHADAP PEMBENTUKAN NITRAT (NO3 -) DAN POTENSIAL NITRIFIKASI. Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    This purpose of the experiment was The influence of high litter quality (Tephrosia candida) and low litter quality (Acacia auriculiformis) based on lignin and polifenol content toward the - 3 NO formation and nitrification potential in Alfisols, Jumantono. High litter quality High having C/N < 25 family name (nisbah), lignin content of < 15%, and polifenol of <3% is easily decomposed. This research is done from August 2008 until February 2009, located in Experimental Land at Jumantono, Soil Biology Laboratory, Soil Chemistry and Fertility Laboratory of Agriculture Faculty Sebelas Maret University Surakarta. Cut litter used is Tephrosia candida representing high quality with 6,43% lignin content and 17,45% polifenol content, Acacia auriculiformis representing low quality (lignin content is 28,18%, polifenol content 15,85%) and Mixed seresah (Tephrosia candida + Acacia auriculiformis) given in 5 Mg / ha, 10 Mg / ha, and 15 Mg / ha dosage. Every treatment is added by urea fertilizer for about 200 kg / ha (with in-field application for about 0,00128 kg / plot). As the control, it is used soil without litter increment and without fertilizer and soil without litter + urea fertilizer. This study was a functional relationship study by using Nondestructive sampling and colpleted group random design (RAKL) with single factor.e Variable observation are + 4 NH and - 3 NO concentration and nitrification potential in week 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, and 16 after seresah application. The data was analyzed with anova F 5% and Duncan Multiple Range Test (BMRT) 5%. The result of the research shows that a) low quality (Acacia auriculiformis) (with high C/N content (14) and high (L+P)/N (15,73)) is more effective in impeding nitrat formation ( - 3 NO ) and the nitrification potential decrease. b) in the increment of high litter quality (Tephrosia candida) with 5 Mg / ha and 15 Mg / ha dosage, the mineralization happens in the week 4, in the increment of low quality (Acacia auriculiformis) with all dosage, the mineralization happens in the week 10, while in mixed litter the mineralization happens in the week 7-10. c) high litter quality increment (Tephrosia candida), in low quality increment (Acacia auriculiformis, and in mixed litter increment, the nitrification happens in the week 4-10. Giving the litter of all plants observed in the study can decline the nitrification rate significant si the using the litter of these plants can be recommended as an alternative way in controlling nitrification process naturally, environmental safe and supporting contimous agriculture system. Key words: litter quality, - 3 NO formation, nitrification potential

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