Pemberian Hak Sewa Atas Tanah Kepada Petani di Kawasan Situs Purbakala Dieng

Subekti, Rahayu (2007) Pemberian Hak Sewa Atas Tanah Kepada Petani di Kawasan Situs Purbakala Dieng. Yustisia, 71. pp. 101-108.

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    As a reaction to illegal excavations by the local community in Dieng Archeological Sites, the local government of Banjarnegara Regency in cooperation with the Archeological Service of Central java has made an effort to excercise control of the sites by leasing them out. this research aims to investigate the bassis of the decision made by the Archeoligical Service to grant the right of leasehold to the farmers in Dieng Archeological sites. This research is descriptive, i.e it attemps to the describe the objects of investigation objectively. Data collection was made by sending out a questionnaire to respondent and conducting interviews with resource person. The result of the research shows the following findings. The legal bases of the decision on the granting of the right of leasehold by the Archeological Service are articles 18,19,20 of Act No. 5 of 1992 concerning conservation of cultural artifacts abd Article 6 of Act No. 5 or 1960 (Basic Agrarian Law) as well as Circular Letter of the Director of the Diretorate for the Conservation and Maintenance of Historical and Archeological Remains No. 1338/D.1/F.S/1999 dated 18 October 1999 concerning a Supervisory Team for the Archeological Sites on the Dieng Highlands, Banjaranegara Regency. The process of the granting of the right of leasehold on land starting from the measurement of sites, calculation and drawing of land, installation of boundary markers, data collection of prospective lessees, auction of the distribution of parcels of land, payment of renting. The kinds of authority given to farmers, i.e. cultivation of parcels of land according to the agrees stipulation: they are not allowed to sell or transfer to the other perople and they are are obligied to report to the local government if they discover, maintenance and treatment of plants should take into account the interest of tourism, e.g. in peak season the should not spray the plants and should put manure in the tourism area; they also must ensure payment of rent agreement should extended with the stipulation that they do not damage the land of the sites and the cultural artifacts; the boundaries of land for agricultural purpose, paricularly the land adjacent to the buffer zone, should be clearly marked so that the farmers do not cultivate beyond the boundaries and damage the sites. Keywords: Granting of right, land rent.

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