Magnetic properties of a novel Pr Fe Ti phase

Li, Hong‐Shuo and Suharyana, and Cadogan, J. M. and Bowden, G. J. and Xu, Jian‐Min and Dou, S. X. and Liu, H. K. (1994) Magnetic properties of a novel Pr Fe Ti phase. Journal of Applied Physics, 75.

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    In a systematic study of the (Pr1−xTix)Fe5 alloy series, the (Pr0.65Ti0.35)Fe5 alloy has been found to have a dominant phase with either the rhombohedral Th2Zn17 structure or the newly discovered Nd2(Fe,Ti)19 (S. J. Collocott, R. K. Day, J. B. Dunlop, and R. L. Davis, in Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on Magnetic Anisotropy and Coercivity in R‐T Alloys, Canberra, July 1992, p. 437) structure, depending on the annealing procedure. Powder‐x‐ray‐diffraction patterns and scanning electron microscopy show that the sample annealed at a temperature of 850 °C followed by 1000 °C has the 2:17 structure whereas annealing at 1000 °C directly leads to the new 2:19 structure. Energy‐dispersive x‐ray analysis yields Pr:Fe:Ti ratios of 10.7:86.2:3.1 for the Pr2(Fe,Ti)17 phase and 9.2:85.9:4.9 for the Pr2(Fe,Ti)19 phase. 57 Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy (at 295 K) gives values for the average 57 Fe hyperfine field of 15.7 T for the 2:17 phase and 17.5 T for the 2:19 phase, respectively.

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