Irawan, Wening Bayu (2009) AN ANALYSIS OF AMBIGUITY IN THE ARTICLES OF THE JAKARTA POST. Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta.

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    all (1968: 158) states that language is “the institution whereby humans communicate and interact with each other by means of habitually used oral- auditory arbitrary symbols”. As a means of communication, language holds an important role in life. Language is one of the human basic needs and it can not be separated from their life. As social creatures, people need language to communicate and interact with the other to fulfill their needs. People create language by forming words which have meaning and can be understood to all people. People can express their ideas, share information and feelings directly or indirectly, in a form of spoken or written by using language. Nowadays, there are many ways to communicate with the other due to the developments of technology. There are many media, whether electronic or printed media to share information and to keep in touch with the other. People can get the information about the development of the world and everything happens in a day from electronic and printed media. 101 As a means of communication, both printed and electronic media hold an important role to the development of language. They become a source for people to get factual information or news, whether national or international news because nowadays printed and electronic media are more global. As an international language, English also holds an important role in the development of globalization that is as a means of communication in business, politic, science and technology. There are many English News TV programs, radio talk shows, entertainment, advertisements, songs, and even newspapers and magazines Newspaper, especially daily newspaper, has a big contribution for the people. People can get information about local or international events everyday because the news and information are up to date and accurate. As a consequence, there are many daily newspapers published in Indonesia and one of the daily English newspapers is The Jakarta Post. Generally, people try to communicate perfectly and completely. They want to give information as many as they can to the other. What people try to do is also conducted by the media, especially printed media. The journalist tries to give perfect, complete and accurate information for people. The accuracy of the article is determined by the sentences which refer to the words structure that grammatical and structural. However, words structure and sentence structure can lead to be ambiguous even though they are grammatically correct. It is due to lexical or grammatical ambiguity. People may have the different interpretation due to the ambiguous words, phrase, and sentences. 102 A sentence is said to be ambiguous whenever it can be associated with two or more different meanings (Cann, 1993:8). Kempson (1977: 123) also states as follows: It may seem as though little need be said about ambiguity in that it is as a clear-cut phenomenon: both words and sentences can have more than one meaning. From both statements, it can be concluded that ambiguous word (s), phrase (s), and sentence (s) have more than one interpretation. To figure out the exact interpretation or exact meaning of the words and sentences, they need the specific context. Ullmann (1972 in Pateda, 2001: 202) divides ambiguity into three kinds; phonological ambiguity, lexical ambiguity and grammatical ambiguity. Phonological ambiguity relates to the sound of language that if this is said, it will generate two or more interpretations by the hearers. Phonological ambiguity does not arise in written form. Lexical ambiguity arises when a single word has more than one meaning. Meanwhile, grammatical ambiguity arises when a phrase or a sentence creates ambiguity due to the structures that can be interpreted in many ways. Both of grammatical ambiguity and lexical ambiguity lead the readers to have different interpretation. Too many interpretations make the readers not understand the meaning of the words or sentences. 103 Again, ambiguity is a kind of linguistics phenomenon which deserves a careful observation. Ambiguity needs to be thought deeply, to be exposed and eliminated. Ambiguity brings specific communicational effect. The sentence may be structural in a case of word order but it may lead the readers to have more than one interpretation. Based on the phenomenon and explanation above, the writer is interested to conduct the research related to ambiguity. This research is expected to identify the kinds of ambiguity found in the articles of The Jakarta Post. Moreover, this research tries to figure out the causal factors of the ambiguity in the articles of The Jakarta Post. Furthermore, this research also discusses the interpretations which may arise in the ambiguous words and sentences found in the articles of The Jakarta Post. This research entitled “AN ANALYSIS OF AMBIGUITY IN THE ARTICLES OF THE JAKARTA POST”.

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