Upacara religi dalam komunikasi pemasaran pariwisata Studi Kasus mengenai Komodifikasi Upacara Religi Saraswati dalam Komunikasi Pemasaran Pariwisata Candi Ceto Kabupaten Karanganyar

Ayu Retno Widyastuti , Dhyah (2008) Upacara religi dalam komunikasi pemasaran pariwisata Studi Kasus mengenai Komodifikasi Upacara Religi Saraswati dalam Komunikasi Pemasaran Pariwisata Candi Ceto Kabupaten Karanganyar. Masters thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta .

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    This research was emerged as a form of respond to support Karanganyar tourism development policy program particularly on the Ceto Temple which is being used for religious occasion as one of tourism commodity. The research was purposed to construct public’s description of how Karanganyar bout policy is being done, Hindu’s Saraswati religious ceremony, and the process, the messages, and the medium, of executed commodification on marketing communication including publics feedback marketing communication at Ceto Temple. Description-qualitative methodology is being used in this case study research with critical approach. Which the implication can be found through perspective political economy. Dominant ideology had put big influence on particular political economy activities in the form of particular structure domination through policy on society. Generally, the tourism policy of Karanganyar which tend to excavation and keep on customs and performance local society to created Karanganyar’s excellent tourism. Hindu’s Saraswati religious ceremony which celebrate the knowledge’s day have been used covered the tourism. Through the marketing communication, messages of local wisdom value’, which should keep on their generation, changed be message of marketing communication to attract particularly tourist number. And the medium used are advertising, calender of event. Local society usefull the economic benefit from the policy program, but they disagree bout socio-culture sided. Generally, the tourist interested to religious ceremony attractions. This research shows how capitalism ideology has been implemented by structure in-charge involving the society in tourism industry commodification. Using critical analysis approach; the research shows that tourism policy is a dominant ideology which plays important role in commodification of Saraswati religious ceremony, through marketing communication in order to increase particularly tourist number. Through the tourism policy, society of Karanganyar particularly which are living around Ceto Temple have been used the society as medium to extend market. Unfortunately the society do not relaze and consider on several political economy importance of structure in-charge behind the policy, which they already followed unconsciously. From the consider bove, it can be concluded that tourism policy of Ceto Temple development cover political economy activity implemented in religious ceremony which is involving the society unconsciously. From the writer’s abalysis, it can be seen that political economy perspective in the commodification has been implemented in society’s involvement. Here, the society seemed to be displayed in the implementation of the tourism policy. Key Word: religious ceremony, commodification, marketing communication, critical theory.

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