fatimah, agnes (2009) PENGARUH LOGOTERAPITERHADAP HIPERTENSI PADA PASIEN LANJUT USIA. Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Agnes Fatimah, S4501001. 2009. Effect of logotherapy on hypertension at elderly. Thesis: Psychiatrist Education Program of Psychiatry Department Medical Faculty of Sebelas Maret University Surakarta. Background:The relation between blood pressure and emotion of which belong to the domain of neurobiology, is part of multifactor blood pressure regulating system, but it also plays a role in physical and emotional symptoms, so integrated treatment is required for the treatment of hypertension. Behavior cognitive and relaxation types of psychotherapy have proven successful for patients with somatic disturbance, but not much research has been done on other psychotherapeutic interventions, such as Logotherapy (LGT). Psychotherapy plays a role in influencing factor that may effect blood pressure in relation to psychological conditions. Acceptance of conditionsgives better meaning of life and psychological approach helps enhance the patient’s coping ability. Better coping system will also create balancein the nervous system regulation, HPA axis, innate component as well as adaptive immunity system, which in the turn will bring about change in the patient’s blood pressure. Objective: To find out the effectiveness of Logotherapy on hypertension among elderly patients. Method:This research followed the procedures of quasi experimental pretest and posttest control group design. The research subjects are members of PWRI (Association of the elderly of the republic of Indonesia) Urutsewu-Ampel Boyolali, who met criteria for inclusion in the research conducted from July through October 2008. The subjectswere selected by means of purposive sampling. Logotherapy that is used insix session as the psikotherapy. The instrument used was a Riester quicksilver tensimeter and Riester stethoscope to measure blood pressure. The data gathered was a processed and analysed using SPSS program version 15.0. Chi Square and student t-test statistical analysis were need to find aout whether there werw significant relationshipbetween variables at 5% level of significant. Result: There is significant different in the posttest and pretest systolic blood pressure in control group (Z=-2.602;p=0.000(<0.05)) but there isn’t a significant different in the diastolic blood pressure (Z=-0.556;P=0.579(>0.05)). There is a significant different in the systolic blood pressure in logotherapy group (Z=3.162);p=0.002(<0.005). There is a significant change blood pressure in logotherapy group and control group, in systolic (Z=-4.235;p=0.000(<0.05)) and diastolic (Z=-2.665;p=0.019(<0.05)), in logotherapy group showed a significant decreasing in the blood pressure than in control group. The result showed decreased blood pressure in logotherapy group than control group. Conclusion:Logotherapy decreased systolic blood pressure among elderly patients suffering from hypertension in contrast to the control group not treated with logotherapy and could be used as additional therapy for patients with hypertension. Keyword:Logotherapy, Hipertension, Elderly.

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