Nur, Adrian and Yudhi E., Erwan and P.I.B., Gregorius (2008) SINTESIS DAN PURIFIKASI CARBON NANOTUBE DARI ETANOL. EKUILIBRIUM, 7 (1). pp. 37-47.

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    An application of nanoparticle technology is carbon nanotube (CNT). CNT gives more some advantages than the other materials. These advantages make the research about CNT have many attentions. This research aims to determine the better type of catalyst supported between natural zeolit and y type zeolit in CNT synthesis from ethanol using CVD (chemical vapor deposition) method with Fe - Co as the catalysts. In addition, the research aims to determine the optimum concentration of acid in CNT purification. In CNT synthesis using CVD method, the carbon source that obtained from the ethanol was reacted with H 2 gas and Co - Fe catalysts. Fe - Co catalyst was impregnated in catalyst supported and dried in oven at 80 0 C for one day and then it was calcinated in furnace at 500 0 C on the air flow for 60 minutes. The synthesis process was done that the catalyst was put on the ceramic boat and entered in the quartz reactor. The reactor was vacuumed by vacuum pump. The N 2 gas was flowed with flow rate 200 cm 3 /minutes in room temperature. The furnace was flamed and set at 900 0 C. Ethanol was flowed into the reactor and the flow rate of the N 2 gas was decreased to 6,19 cm 3 /minutes and H2 began to be flowed, then it was reacted for 30 minutes. Acid contacted method was used to purification CNT. The nitrate acid was diluted up to obtain 3N, 2N and 1N nitrate acid. These nitrate acid were mixed with CNT in beaker glass for 10 minutes, then they were put into oven for 24 hours. The CNT from synthesis process and CNT from purification process were analyzed by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The results of the research show that natural zeolit is better than y type zeolit for CNT synthesis from ethanol of CVD method with Fe - Co catalyst and the optimum acid concentration in purification of CNT by acid contacted method was 3N. Keywords: CNT, synthesis, purification, SEM, ethanol

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