OBJEK WISATA RELIGI MAKAMSUNANMURIA (Studi Kehidupan Sosial dan Ekonomi Masyarakat Desa Colo, Kecamatan Dawe, Kabupaten Kudus)

SARI, DYAH IVA ANA (2010) OBJEK WISATA RELIGI MAKAMSUNANMURIA (Studi Kehidupan Sosial dan Ekonomi Masyarakat Desa Colo, Kecamatan Dawe, Kabupaten Kudus). Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    The purpose of this study is describing: (1). The area around The Sunan Muria Cemetery. (2). Motivation of the person comes to visit The Sunan Muria Cemetery. (3). Ceremonial process of pilgrimage at The Sunan Muria Cemetery. (4). Sunan Muria Cemetery of Religion Tour has great effect towards social and economy life of the society around it. In the research uses descriptive research kulaitatif form. Samples that have been used from a good purposive sampling. Where as the technique of gathering data was one through interview, observastion and analyzing of document. The validity of data for toexamine using triangulation, that is triangulation data and the triangulation methode. The technique of analizyng data in this research it is used as a model in quality analyize and interactive analyize. The outcome of the research is based upon the conclusion: (1). Sunan Muria Cemetery is situated in village of Colo Sub-District: Dawe District: Kudus. The tour object of Sunan Muria Cemetery of religion is situated 18 km to the north from center town of Kudus. The region of Colo is the region of higher ground which is in the area ofKudus District, because of the high ground which also covers mount Muria which the height is1.602 meter above sea level where it holds the area higherground that includes some mountain or valley. There is mount Argo Jembangan, Mount Argo Ploso, Mount Rahtawu, Pasar Hill and Ringgit Hill. As it is said Mount Muria which we know now, its name was change to Mount Gundil or Mount Gundul. There is potential in the field of touring the Sunan Muria Cemetery, that is: like the top Muria, Graha Muria, Monthel Water Fall, Touring the Nature of Rejenu and Wana Kajar. (2). Reason why the person visit Sunan Muria Cemetery: (a). Wish to bring himself to Allah and remember that weare Allah’s creation and that one day we all shall returned to him. (b). Tawassul or wasilah in the process of praying to Allah SWT through mediator of Sunan Muria because it isone of the Wali Songo and Wali Songo are the people close and blessed by Allah and he hopes that his prayers are answered by Allah SWT. (c). He ask Allah SWT for his safety. (d). The pilgrimage walks the ways of Islam and the laws of Sunnah Nabi which going to visit the graves of the is wiseman of Allah. (e). Ngluari or because he has promise. (3). Waysor system in which the ceremonial process is being done through pilgrimage at Sunan Muria Cemetery are as follow: (a). Before entering the Sunan Muria Cemetery he must get the water of wudhu. (b). To register, first go to the registration site. (c). Greeting are to be said before entering the main door of Sunan Muria Cemetery which the Rasulullah SAW has showed as an example while pilgrimage. (d). After arriving at Sunan Muria Cemetery, willingly find and empty sit to pray. (e). After sitting in a very neat way, after that read a verse from Al-Qur’an mainly the letter from Yasiin. (f). And the read tahlil and sholawat-sholawat. (g). After reading the tahlil and the pray to Allah SWT. (h). To go on a pilgrimage, willing to do it with devotionaly and calmness full respect. (i). Do not sit down headstone or walk over his grave, becauseif you do so it will hurt the ones who are buried. (4). The being of the Sunan Muria Cemetery bring a lot of influenze to the society around it: that is, there is changes in the social lifes of the society in between it also changes the status which before the was unemployment,inorder to reduce unemployment it has given the society a lot of opportunity and effort, and also themknowledge and a huge insihgt to the society. While there is effect inside the field of economy, it sure is so big that is why the level of opinion about finance and also the level, to a good economy life of the society.

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