“USING PICTURE-STORIES TO IMPROVE THE STUDENTS’ READING COMPREHENSION (A Classroom Action Research Conducted at the Eighth Grade of SMP N I Tasikmadu Karanganyar in the 2009/2010 Academic Year)”

Rahmawati, Fitriya (2010) “USING PICTURE-STORIES TO IMPROVE THE STUDENTS’ READING COMPREHENSION (A Classroom Action Research Conducted at the Eighth Grade of SMP N I Tasikmadu Karanganyar in the 2009/2010 Academic Year)”. Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Nowadays English has a very important role because it is particularly used in almost all of the countries as a native and international language. Based on the fact above, it becomes one foreign language, which has to be mastered by all people in the world. That is why English has to be taught in all levels of education. The widespread need for English as a second or foreign language needs a considerable pressure on the educational resources of many countries. Teaching and learning English in Junior High School has its scope including competence to comprehend and to produce spoken and written texts through four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing; competence to comprehend and to create many short functional texts and monolog also essay in the form of procedure, description, recount, narrative, and report. For this reason the teacher must have various methods in teaching genre to make the students more interested in teaching learning process. Reading, one of the language skills, should be mastered well by the students because reading is an essential factor that influences one’s activity in communication. Reading is a part of daily life for those who live in literate communities. People consider reading as an important activity, so that people usually say that reading is the way to open the world. Reading is interesting activity, because by reading, people can get some information widely without going anywhere. Teaching English is not easy because it requires motivation and creativity in order to make a good condition and achievement of English Learning and teaching goal. Students in Junior High School still find many difficulties in reading. For example, when the students read a text, they can not comprehend that text because the text is very long. For that reason, the students need an interesting technique to improve their reading comprehension. Aebersold and Field (1997: 15) define that reading is something which people look at the text and assign to the written symbols in that text; in other words, we assume that reading activity is people’s activity to read a text; there is interaction between the reader and the text when people read that text. Wallace (1992: 3) states that reading in a first or any other language, is an awareness of the way in which we use language. It means that reading is above all to do with language. commit to user It can be concluded that reading is a process of reacting and understand a written text as a piece of communication. Reading does not necessarily need to look everything in a given piece of text. It is important to comprehend genre in order to catch the information and message in written text. Text comprehension is related to reading skill, as reading is one of the important skills in order to communicate using English to fulfill daily needs such as reading newspaper, instruction, rule, book, advertisement, magazine etc. Reading is not the activity to read aloud but to comprehend the message and information in the text. Reading is ...............................

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