FATHONAH, DASIYEM (2007) PENGARUH IAA DAN GA3 TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN DAN KANDUNGAN SAPONIN TANAMAN PURWACENG (Pimpinella alpina, Molk.). Masters thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta.

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    Two of the important plant hormones in controlling the plant growth are the IAA and GA3. By using certain concentration of these hormones in plant treatmens they will affect the growth of organisms and also the plant phenotype activities. The aims of this research were to examine (1) the effect of IAA and GA3 in different concentrations to the growth of the plants and (2) the saponin contained inside the P. alpina, leaves. The research was done in Sikunang village, Kejajar, Wonosobo from July to November 2007, and the second experiment of chemical test was done from December 2007 to January 2008 at central Laboratory of Natural Science-UNS. The experiment methods were used the Completely Random Design with two factor was used to analyses this experiment. First treatment give IAA and GA3, second was done by giving different IAA and GA3 concentration. These experiments were repeated three times. Variables measured in this research were the growth of plant which is consisted of the number of leaves, their height, width, wet weight as well as dry weight. The chemical compound of the secondary metabolite in the form of leave saponin was employed the Analyzed Varian Analysis (ANAVA), then continued to Duncan Multiple Distance Test in 5% level to analyze the real difference between those treatments. The result showed that giving IAA and GA3 differently affect the growth P. alpine. In variable of the height, the optimal wet weight and dry weight of the plant in GA3 treatment was 50 ppm; optimum number of leaves in GA3 treatment was 50 ppm where as the leave width in IAA treatment was 200 ppm and GA3 treatment was 75 ppm and optimum saponin treatment was 200 ppm and GA3 25 ppm. Keyword : Pimpinella alpina, Indol-3-acetidacid, gibberelic acid, growth, saponin, Dieng.

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