LAPORAN TUGAS AKHIR PRAKTEK PRODUKSI Kue Kering Kaya β-karoten dengan Penambahan Tepung Wortel (Daucus carota L.)

Hastuti , Ririn Dwi (2011) LAPORAN TUGAS AKHIR PRAKTEK PRODUKSI Kue Kering Kaya β-karoten dengan Penambahan Tepung Wortel (Daucus carota L.). Other thesis, UNIVERSITAS SEBELAS MARET.

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    is a pigment colored group yellow, orange, or squeeze orange, having the nature of dissolve in organic but insoluble in water, the β-carotene related to vitamin C and E. Carrot is a vegetable commodity containing much b-carotene with antioxidant property that can be used as anti-free radical agent. However, carrot has rotten aroma making it is disliked; thus a good processing method is required, one of which is to make it into the carrot flour. Carrot flour then can be fortified into the noodle product. The addition of carrot flour into noodle preparation in addition to improve its nutrition content and physiological function for the body, functions as the alternate of synthetic colorant frequently used in the noodle preparation. Therefore, a research needs to be conducted on the use of carrot flour in b-carotene fortification in the wet and dry noodles preparation. The treatment of research included the carrot flour concentrations: 20%, 30% and 40%. Each treatment was sensory analysis was also conducted (color, aroma, elasticity, texture, taste and overall) and analyzed chemically (b-carotene level, and water level). The study employed a Factorial design. The data obtained was then analyzed using SPSS. To know influence treatment each yielded to be pastry sample to be used skoring test. The result of research shows that b-carotene level of fresh carrot is 214.16 µg/gram (in dry weight) and of carrot flour is 35.14 µg/gram (in dry weight). The addition of carrot flour into the pastry preparation can enrich the b-carotene level. The higher the concentration of carrot flour added into the pastry preparation, the higher the content of b-carotene level in pastry. However, the carrot processing into the carrot flour can decrease the b-carotene level. From the result of sensory analysis it can be seen that 30 % carrot flour addition liked by consumer.

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