Evaluasi pelaksanaan program pendidikan dan pelatihan peningkatan kompetensi guru smk mata pelajaran Bimbingan konseling di Lembaga penjaminan mutu pendidikan (LPMP) Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

Margono, Adri (2008) Evaluasi pelaksanaan program pendidikan dan pelatihan peningkatan kompetensi guru smk mata pelajaran Bimbingan konseling di Lembaga penjaminan mutu pendidikan (LPMP) Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Masters thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Adri Margono, S8101002.2007. The Evaluation of the Conducting of Teachers’ Training Program on Vocational School Teachers Majoring in Students’ Counseling in Educational Quality Assurance Institution of Special Region Yogyakarta (LPMP DIY). Thesis: Graduate Program of UNS. The goal of this thesis is to evaluate the conducting of teachers’ training program on vocational school teachers majoring students’ guidance and counseling. The research was conducted on October to December, 2007 in LPMP DIY. The participants of the research; as data sources; were the head of the institutions, its staffs trainees and their colleagues. The data were collected through questionnaires, document and interviews in an evaluative research approach, using the CIPP model (Context, Input, Process and Product). Data analysis was conducted through the following steps: (1) studying all the data of the research; (2) reducing data (data reduction); (3) studying all the data from all the sources; (4) validating data and the questionnaires; (5) displaying the data; (6) calculating respondents’ answer from the valid questionnaires ; (7) interpreting the data. The data, that have been reduced. were classified, displayed and calculated for interpretation; (8) systematically studying the Context, Input, Process and Product of the research; and (9) Data conclusion, which were based on the research questions. From the data analysis, it is concluded that the education quality assurance institution of special region yogyakarta has set in advance an operational plan on this every conducting of training. The teachers which were called for the training were the appropriate teachers concerning the training requirements. The training committee has well prepared all the standardized requirements of the training including the Standard of the Teachers’ Competency, training guidance (handbook), teaching preparation, learning material, and other training administrative stuffs, but not the learning material description. The process of the training was considered as good based on the evaluation made by the research respondents which saying that on the teaching preparation of the training instructors, 54% considered it as good; on the training instructors’ performance, 53% considered it as good. However, despite those two things, the same respondents claiming that the financial problem has become the obstacle on the training (23%), and too many hours spent on the theorizing in the class by the instructors (73%) was the other weakness. Another weakness of the training concerned the pre-test result which was not taken care further on the process of the training. On the level of success, the conducting of the intended training was assessed as good (71%), and 80% considered the effectiveness of the management of the training as good. The evaluation, however, has not been standardized. The training was considered as a success considering the trainees’ achieved scores which were ranged from 81.00 to 88.75. From the evaluation, 75% of the respondents claiming that the training did impact the teachers’ teaching preparation (considered as good), 75% also claimed that the training impacted the teachers’ performance (considered as good), and 76% claimed that the training did have an impact on the other duties carried out by the intended teachers.

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