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    This stylistic study is an analysis sexual language of characteristics on “Serat Centhini” by Pakubuwana V. The problems which are discussed in this study are; 1) How is the using of language sounds which are turned up dominantily, including rhyme “purwakanthi” and rhythm aspects on “Serat Centhini” especially in sexual matters? 2) What are the characteristics of morphology aspects on “Serat Centhini”, especially in sexual matters? 3) How are the diction, figures of speech on “Serat Centhini”, especially in sexual matters? 4) How are the moral structure expressings of poems which cover up senses, feelings and tones as well as intentions on “Serat Centhini”, especially in sexual matters? Literature reviews in this study cover the studies which are related to “Serat Centhini”, which are done by the former researchers and give significant study differences on sexual texts of “Serat Centhini” which is stylistically done by the writer. Indeed, there are seven theories which are used as the fundamental theory by the writer, they are; 1) Stylistics, 2) morphology, 3) diction, 4) rhyme and rhythm, 5) figure of speech, 6) moral structures of poems which cover senses, feelings, tones, and intentions, and 7) sex. The study is a qualitative study which has descriptive genre “Serat Centhini” is a Latin writing consisting of 12 volumes and published by Kamajaya through Yayasan Centhini in 1986 as source of the data. The writer uses sampling technique in giving stylistic aspects to “Serat Centhini”. Triangle data is used to keep the data validity. Furthermore, to collect the data, the writer uses literature reviews, reading and writing techniques. Data analysis process of the study is interactive that is using steps: data reduction, data presentation and conclussion. Data analysis techniques of the study are using; 1) two-two oposition technique, 2) substitution technique and 3) deletion technique. The result of the stylistic study on sexual texts of “Serat Centhini” composed by Pakubuwana V are concluded below. The patterns of language sounds which are turned up deminantly are “purwakanthi guru swara” or considered identical to assonance /a, o, u, ê, e, è, i/, “purwakanthi guru sastra” or considered identical to alliteration /b, c, d, g and ng, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, r, s, t and y/, and “purwakanthi lumaksita. The three “purwakanthi” are abla to make sexual texts poems on “Serat Centhini” more beautiful. In morphology structure, the word forming and the diction are intended archaic. Beside, there are enigmatic word, repetition and complexity of word. The process of word forming choice relates to “guru wilangan” and “guru lagu”. There are various of diction, such as: “dasanama”, “tembung Kawi”, Arabic, sexual terms, idiom in sex. The usage of metaphore, personification, simile, metonymy not only consist of aethetic elements, but also embellish and concretize ideas which are wished to be coveyed by the poem to his readers especially something to do with sexual matters. Sexual texts on “Serat Centhini” which are turned up dominantly are, the best tine to make love, women types, how to raise women’s passions, making love techniques, jamoo for strengtness, etc. Sexual knowledge which is taught on “Serat Centhini”, actually reminds people to realite their originality and as the result, they must live their lives meaningfully. Key word: rhyme and rhythm, morphological aspects, the diction, figures of speech, moral structure.

    Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
    Subjects: P Language and Literature > P Philology. Linguistics
    Divisions: Pasca Sarjana > Magister
    Pasca Sarjana > Magister > Linguistik - S2
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    Date Deposited: 15 Jul 2013 17:39
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