Akulturasi Kebudayaan Eropa Jawa pada Arsitektur Pura Mangkunegaran sebagai Pengembangan Materi Sejarah Kebudayaan

Pratiwi, Erisya Pebrianti (2019) Akulturasi Kebudayaan Eropa Jawa pada Arsitektur Pura Mangkunegaran sebagai Pengembangan Materi Sejarah Kebudayaan. Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    The purpose of this study is to describe: (1) The buildings are on Pura Mangkunegaran; (2) Cultural acculturation of European-Javanese on Pura Mangkunegaran’s building architecture; (3) Cultural acculturation of European-Javanese in Pura Mangkunegaran’s architecture as material development for Cultural History. The following research use qualitative descriptive research with ethnographic approaches. The data that used in this research is descriptive data which is in the form of writing or verbal action, and the rest information is the data from the documents. The techniques of collecting data are carried out by interviews, observation, and analysis of archives or documents. The techniques of analyzing data that be used are a qualitative analysis by collecting data, reducing data, presenting data and drawing conclusions. Based on the results of the research, it can be concluded that: (1) The buildings that are still existed on Pura Mangkunegaran consist Pendapa Ageng, Pringgitan, Dalem Ageng, Bale Peni, Bale Warni, Pracimasana (Pracimayasa), Mandrapura, Hamongpraja, Purwasana, Bale Kencur, Mandralasana, Kejaksan, Langenpraja, Reksawahana, Gedong Wireng, Reksasunggatan, Daryasuganda, Pantipurna, Reksabaksana, Panggung, Pakoken, Baleluhur, Ujung Puri, Habisraya, Kantipura, Pavilyun Pantipurna, Abdi Dalem, and Gedong Kavalerie; (2) Pura mangkunegaran has a pattern like Javanese’s traditional house’s pattern,but it is wider and have other extra rooms around Pendapa Ageng. The addition of rooms on Pringgitan and Pracismasana are also as one of proves of Indische’s culture .Most of the Cultural acculturation of Indische are on building’s construction that uses trusses and connected with overlapping system like what Javanese’s building. The chairs that be used are using Louis XV’s style, modified with the application of Javanese behaviour philosophy and gunungan design. The carved design on Pringgitan looks like Javanese’s spiralling upward design but have a touch of European Rococo’s style; (3) As historical buildings and have an important role of western culture’s development in Surakarta, Pura Mangkunegaran become one of many supporting factors and also as an example of Indonesian’s culture on the era of Western’s culture acculturation.

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