Representasi Girl Power Sosok Athirah Sebagai Istri Dalam Mempertahankan Keutuhan Rumah Tangga Pada Film "ATHIRAH"

E, SEPTANI DITA (2019) Representasi Girl Power Sosok Athirah Sebagai Istri Dalam Mempertahankan Keutuhan Rumah Tangga Pada Film "ATHIRAH". Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    ABSTRACT Septani Dita Elvandari, D1216061, GIRL POWER REPRESENTATION ON ATHIRAH AS A WIFE IN MAINTAINING DOMESTIC HARMONY IN “ATHIRAH” MOVIE (Roland Barthes Semiotic Analysis), S1 Study Program of Communication Science. Faculty of Social and Political Science, Sebelas Maret University of Surakarta, 2018. As a mean of information, movie holds a powerful ability to deliver message since it may invite a self-like experience with a broader scope at the same time. Movie often creates certain relations that is gender bias, like placing women in the inferior position or as the hurt party. In regard to it, this study aimed at describing the representation of girl power on Athirah as a wife in maintaining domestic harmony in “Athirah” movie. The researcher employed Roland Barthes’ semiotic analysis theory. This theory forms elements of an extended system. Such elements are denotation and connotation. The connotation meaning of some signs will be a kind of myth or the guide to myth. Barthes states that myth is in the second-order of a semiological system, while denotation and connotation are in the first-order. This study was a qualitative descriptive study through semiotic analysis approach.. This procedure resulted in a descriptive data in the form of written or spoke words from people and observable behavior. In this case, the researcher observed the verbal symbol (dialog), or non-verbal symbol (facial expression, gesture, shot technique, and audio). Based on the result of the study, it was concluded that the attitude of maintaining domestic harmony in that movie could be seen from the loyalty, Athirah always accompanies Puang Aji in any situation. Patience and Fortitude, Athirah still stands even if her heart got broken. Also, she tries to forgive Puang Aji mistakes and accept the condition. Keywords: Semiotics, Movie, Representation.

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