Sosok Sultan Agung Dalam Serat Nitik Sultan Agungan dan Bentuk Penguatan Nilai Kependidikan Bagi Peserta Didik Tingkat SMA

FIONERITA, YOLAND PRAHASTYA (2018) Sosok Sultan Agung Dalam Serat Nitik Sultan Agungan dan Bentuk Penguatan Nilai Kependidikan Bagi Peserta Didik Tingkat SMA. Masters thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Yoland Prahastya Fionerita. S441608009. 2018. SOSOK SULTAN AGUNG IN SERAT NITIK SULTAN AGUNGAN AND FORM OF LEADERSHIP STRENGTHENING FOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Supervising Commission I. Dr. Kundharu Saddhono, S.S, M.Hum., Supervisor II. Dr. Djoko Sulaksono, M. Pd. Thesis Graduate Program of Java Language Education Sebelas Maret University. This study aims to describe and explain the structure in manuscripts, exemplary values, leadership values and relevance of leadership value in Serat Nitik Sultan Agungan in the appreciation of fiction in high school learning. This research is a qualitative research with descriptive qualitative method and content analysis. The sources of data in this study are the documents and informants. The data collection techniques in this study are content analysis and structured interviews. The data validity is the theoretical triangulation, the triangulation of data sources, and the methodological triangulation. Analysis is done by arranging, sorting, clasisify, and categorize data, then do drawing conclusion according to research focus. The results of the study is as follows. The first, the structure of the Nitik Sultan Agungan as the (a) theme, namely the leadership (b) plot using advanced groove that is divided into three parts namely the introduction (orientation), middle, and final plot (c) characters or characterization of Sultan Agung as wise leader , Panembahan Purubaya is not easily reckless, Juru Taman is loyal servant, Ki Karamat Watu and his wife are obedient, the Sultan of Banten and the Sultan of Palembang are greedy, Sunan Kalijaga, Sunan Tembayat and Kyai Imam Safingi are good counselor (d) The setting are place setting (Mataram, Merapi, Karamat Watu, Mecca, Nagari Banten, Lebak, Palembang and Palembang), time setting (morning and night), and social setting (kings, senapati and servants) (e) the point of view used the view of the third person who knows everything (f) the language, ie Javanese (krama alus, ngoko lugu, and ngoko alus) and Kawi language, (g) the moral, ie being polite. The second, the exemplary form in Serat Nitik Sultan Agungan is diligent, polite, obedient, humble, and religious. The third, the form of leadership in Serat Nitik Sultan Agungan that is responsible, imitating the story of the king, not disregard other people, mandate, giving reward, understand the needs of the people, wise, protect the servants, and seek evidence of truth. The fourth, the story of Serat Nitik Sultan Agungan is worthy of being used as a teaching material in the fictional appreciation material for senior high school in accordance with the Curriculum 2013, and contains the value of leadership that is expected to be emulated by the learners. Keywords: Structure, exemplary value, leadership value, relevance in Serat Nitik Sultan Agungan story

    Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
    Subjects: P Language and Literature > P Philology. Linguistics
    Divisions: Pascasarjana > Magister
    Pascasarjana > Magister > Pendidikan Bahasa Indonesia - S2
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