Reaksi hidrorengkah katalis Ni/ zeolit , mo/zeolit, nimo/zeolit terhadap parafin

Siswodiharjo , (2006) Reaksi hidrorengkah katalis Ni/ zeolit , mo/zeolit, nimo/zeolit terhadap parafin. Other thesis, UNIVERSITAS SEBELAS MARET.

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    ABSTRACT SISWODIHARJO, 2006. HYDROCRACKING REACTIONS OF Ni/ZEOLIT, Mo/ZEOLIT, NiMo/ZEOLIT CATALYST TO PARAFFIN.Thesis. Department of Chemistry. Mathematics and Science Faculty. Sebelas Maret University Hydrocracking reactions of paraffin with Ni and Mo metal catalyst supporting in zeolite have been carried out to compare catalyst activity between Ni and Mo metal catalyst. The activity catalyst test was done by doing in flow reactor with ratio catalyst and feed 1:5, temperature 400o C and gas flow 30 mL/minute. The catalyst efectiveness was determined according to composition of cracking product with paraffin by time retensi of The GC was compared with GC data of parafin. The result showed that the Ni-Mo/Zeolite catalyst activity and total conversation better which showed 47,373 % and 48,701 % than Ni/Zeolite catalyst which showed 35,493 % dan 36,293 % and Mo/Zeolite catalyst which showed 43,787 % and 45,125 % but Ni/Zeolite catalyst had more effective than Mo/Zeolite and Ni-Mo/zeolite catalyst which showed selectivity was 11,153 % than Mo/Zeolite and Ni-Mo/Zeolite catalyst which showed 4,051 % and 6,310 % in hydrocracking process of paraffin.

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