Fabrikasi nanofiber TiO2 menggunakan metode electrospinning pada sel surya berbasis dye-sensitized solar cells dan organic solar cells

ILAHI, NOVITA ASMA (2018) Fabrikasi nanofiber TiO2 menggunakan metode electrospinning pada sel surya berbasis dye-sensitized solar cells dan organic solar cells. Masters thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Nanofiber (NF) TiO2 has been successfully fabricated using electrospinning method. NF TiO2 was applied in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) and organic solar cells (OSC). TiO2 solution was synthesized from a mixtured of PVP, acetic acid, ethanol, and TTIP. Then the solution was put into the syringe. Electrospinning voltage was 25 kV, while the distance of needle syringe tip to collector was 15 cm. The FTO substrate was mounted onto collector. Coating time was 10, 15, 30, and 45 minutes. The sandwich structure of DSSC consists of FTO, NF TiO2, dye bryophyta, electrolyte I-/I3-, and carbon as a catalyst. The average diameter of NF TiO2 was about 900 nm obtained from the AFM image. From calculation on the I-V curve, the maximum of DSSC efficiency was obtained when coating time at 15 minutes. NF TiO2 had function other than as a dye absorber as well as a photon trap. According to highest efficiency, the coating time at 15 min was chosen in application of OSC. The OSC structure consists of FTO, NF TiO2, MEH-PPV, and Al as a metal contacts. The MEH-PPV was deposited onto the FTO surface using a spin coating method. Variation of MEH-PPV was 1 layer, 2 layers, 3 layers, and 4 layers. Based on SEM cross-sectional image, it was found that the thickness for each layer of MEH-PPV was 0.88 μm (1 layer), 1.20 μm (2 layers), 2.35 μm (3 layers), 5.82 μm (4 layers) . UV-Vis spectrophotometer showed that the absorption area appeared in the range 300-350 nm and 400-500 nm associated with NF TiO2 and MEH-PPV. Therefore, it is concluded that the existence of these two materials can boarden the absorption area of photons. Based on the calculation of I-V curve, it is obtained that the highest efficiency when MEH-PPV thickness at 0.88 μm (1 layer).It is supposed that this correlated to the diffusion length of electron from a place where excitonseparated and move toward each electrode. Therefore, thickness of MEH-PPV over 1 layer is assume too far for the electrons to move toward electrode so that it is possible the electron-hole recombination occurs before it reaches the electrode.

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