Kajian Psikologi Sastra dan Nilai Pendidikan Karakter dalam Novel Genduk Karya Sundari Mardjuki serta Relevansinya dengan Pembelajaran Sastra di SMA

Candrawulandari, Sinta Dewi (2017) Kajian Psikologi Sastra dan Nilai Pendidikan Karakter dalam Novel Genduk Karya Sundari Mardjuki serta Relevansinya dengan Pembelajaran Sastra di SMA. Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    ABSTRACT Sinta Dewi Candrawulandari. K1213069. LITERARY PSYCHOLOGICAL AND CHARACTER EDUCATION VALUE STUDIES IN NOVEL GENDUK BY SUNDARY MARDJUKI AND ITS RELEVANCE TO LITERARY LEARNING IN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS. Thesis, Surakarta: Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Sebelas Maret University, May 2017. The selection of letters learning material is less maximal and still focuses on cognitive aspect so far. The value contained in the novel is even not touched in the learning so that an education research should be done. The objective of research was to describe 1) intrinsic element existing in the novel; 2) mental characteristics of the main character; 3) character education values existing in the novel; and 4) the relevance of the main character‟s mental characteristics and character education value in novel Genduk to literary learning in Senior High Schools. This study was a qualitative research analyzing data in the form of document with the novel Genduk by Sundari Mardjuki as the object of research. Data source derived from novel Genduk, and result of interview with teachers, students and psychologist. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling one. Techniques of collecting data used were document analysis and interview. Data validation was carried out using data source triangulation and expert judgment. Technique of analyzing data used was an interactive model of analysis consisting of data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing or verification. The research procedure consisted of planning, implementation, and presentation of conclusion. The results of research were as follows. 1) The intrinsic elements of novel Genduk were interrelated thereby producing a coherent story. 2) Mental characteristics of main characters in novel Genduk could be conceived using Sigmund Freud‟s (id, ego, and superego) theory, the behavioral symptoms appearing in the characters indicated that Genduk develop mental disorder called mild depression. 3) novel Genduk contains fifteen value points of character education: religious, honesty, tolerance, discipline, hard work, creativity, independency, democracy, curiosity, appreciating achievement, friendliness/communicativeness, love peace, reading habit, social care and responsibility. Out of fifteen character education values, the prominent one was religious value. 4) Novel genduk was relevant to literary learning in Senior High Schools because the mental characteristics of main character and character education values corresponding to the learning objective designed in Learning Implementation design based on the presence of Core Competency and Basic Competency including the competencies the students should achieve in literary learning. In addition, novel Genduk can also improve vocabularies, corresponding to the psychology of students at Senior High Schools, and consistent with students‟ cultural background. Keywords: intrinsic elemen, mentality, character, literary learning

    Item Type: Thesis (Other)
    Subjects: L Education > LB Theory and practice of education > LB2300 Higher Education
    Divisions: Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan > Pendidikan Bahasa Sastra Indonesia dan Daerah
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    Date Deposited: 09 Nov 2017 22:15
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