Ekstrak Sirih Hijau Untuk Pengendalian Phyllosticta Zingibera Penyebab Bercak Daun Pada Jahe

YUMNA, AZZUMARU (2017) Ekstrak Sirih Hijau Untuk Pengendalian Phyllosticta Zingibera Penyebab Bercak Daun Pada Jahe. Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Zingiber officinale or better known as ginger is a spice and medicine plant that is very well known and important for the people of Indonesia. In 2014, the average of national ginger productivity rate is only 2.20%. This number is still very low considering the huge potential land area for ginger. One cause of low yields and productivity Ginger is a spotting leaves infection caused by Phyllosticta sp fungus. These infections of fungus create the inability for ginger’s growth and productivity maximization. Those problems drive the Ginger farmers to find a practical way to overcome it. One of their solution is to use synthetic fungicides. The use of fungicide does provide a great influence in overcoming the fungal attack on ginger. However, the use of these synthetic pesticides can cause environmental contamination and the substance will be harmful for human consumptions. Another alternative to environmentally friendly control those plant diseases is to use natural vegetable pesticides such as essential oils. This study aims to examine the effect of Piper betle extract on the Phyllosticta zingiberi fungus. This research was conducted at Jatipuro, Karanganyar,Pest and Disease Plant Laboratory of Faculty of Agriculture and laboratory center of MIPA UNS from October 2016 until April 2017. The experiment was conducted in 8 x 15 m of yard area.The seeds type that are used is emprit ginger. Laboratory testing conducted by with poisoning method.The observed variables were fungal inhibition, fungal diameter, fungal growth rate, onsite fungal infection rate, onsite infection severity,precentage of emphazing of offence disease and Area Under the Disease Progression Curve (AUDPC).The results of the laboratory study showed that 30%, 45% and 60% concentration effectively inhibited the growth of fungals, with 100% fungal inhibition, and 0 cm diameter. The onsite results showed that 60% extract concentration with once a week spray frequency had infestation rate at the lowest of 0.655 units/day, also had Area Under the Disease Progression Curve (AUDPC) is quite low at 1.386, precentage of emphazing of offence disease 20% and severity of disease 71.57%. Keywords: emprit ginger,bio fungicides,the severity of disease,the inhibition,LBKPP

    Item Type: Thesis (Other)
    Subjects: S Agriculture > S Agriculture (General)
    Divisions: Fakultas Pertanian > Agroteknologi
    Depositing User: Faricha Rizqi
    Date Deposited: 28 Oct 2017 19:27
    Last Modified: 28 Oct 2017 19:27
    URI: https://eprints.uns.ac.id/id/eprint/35793

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