RUSTAMAJI, IBNU (2017) GAYA ARITEKTUR BANGUNAN INDIS DI BOYOLALI TAHUN 1910-1915. Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    ABSTRACT Ibnu Rustamaji. C0512028. 2016. Architectural Style of the building Indis in Boyolali 1910 – 1915. Studies of History, Faculty of Humanities, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta. This research aims to find out the problems of the Architectural Style of the building Indis in Boyolali 1910 – 1915 who stay in city center and affected by the existence of the Boyolali village from socio-cultural. The problems related to this study are: 1. Knowing the background of the history of Boyolali City, 2. The development of the architectural style of the building Indis in Boyolali 1910 - 1915, 3. Social and cultural impact of the architectural style of the building Indis in boyolali. In line with the problem above, this research uses methods of historical research in the form of : 1. Heuristics, 2. Source Criticism, 3. Interpretation, 4. historiography. The technic for collecting data by studying documents and literature. Then the data written by the historical writing style. Results from the study showed that during the period 1910 - 1915, the architecture of Indis have a major influence on the dynamics of Boyolali. The meeting of two different cultures between European and indigenous cultures that happened has affected daily activities-day society Boyolali. Indis architecture is a blend of Javanese and European architectural ornamentation of the building structure due to the tropical climate of Indonesia. Indis architectural style buildings in Boyolali can be seen in the city center or in Jalan Pandanaran Boyolali, and disekitaran Road Merapi and Merbabu. Buildings erected including Soos buildings, military barracks, landraad and military hospitals. The other was the private home of the Europeans, Hotel and Villa. Conclusions from this research is that back ground of the esthablishment Boyolali city in the first time is Pos Tundhan wich changed its status Kabupaten Gunung Pulisi and finally to the Kabupaten Pangreh Praja under the Karesidenan Surakarta. Development of architectural styles Indis in Boyolali year 1910 - 1915 which is characterized by gouvernment buildings and house buildings, changing by Indis lifestyle, with the coming of European society to Boyolali in 1900. Architectural Style Indis influence of the dynamics of social and cultural Boyolali resulting cultural and social impact in the community. The impact of culture reflected in language, sciene and architecture. Social impact on the emergency of class and social status based on architectural style residence, Indis style and education. Keywords : Indis Architectural Style of the Building, Boyolali.

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