Implementasi Strategi Sekolah Dasar Al Firdaus Surakarta dalam Mewujudkan Sekolah Ramah Anak (SRA)

S, ARDITA DEVI (2016) Implementasi Strategi Sekolah Dasar Al Firdaus Surakarta dalam Mewujudkan Sekolah Ramah Anak (SRA). Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Ardita Devi Suryaningtyas. D0112008. STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION OF AL FIRDAUS SURAKARTA PRIMARY SCHOOL TO ACHIEVE CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOL (CFS). Social and Political Sciences. University Of Sebelas Maret Surakarta. 2016. 175 Pages. As one of the efforts to eliminate discriminatory attitudes and violence against children in the school environment, the Government of Surakarta through Disdikpora Surakarta encourage the implementation of the Child Friendly School in Surakarta.And one of the schools that is successfully running the values of SRA is SD Al Firdaus Surakarta, where the success has been recognized by Dinas Pendidikan, Pemuda dan Olahraga of Surakarta and society at large.The purpose of this study is to see the strategy implementation of Child Friendly School that has been implemented by Al Firdaus Surakarta Primary School until it could be successfully applied the values of Child Friendly School in their school environment. This research method is descriptive qualitative.The research was conducted in Al Firdaus Surakarta Primary School and Dinas Pendidikan Pemuda dan Olahraga Surakarta. Techniques of data collection are interviews, observation and documentation.The validity of the data using triangulation techniques of source.Data analysis is performed through three steps, namely data reduction, data presentation and conclusion.Researchers used the theory of Strategy Implementation by Hunger and Wheelen to assess the strategy implementation of Al Firdaus Surakarta Primary School to achieve the Child Friendly School through three aspects: programs, budgets and procedures. To achieve Child Friendly School, Al Firdaus Surakarta Primary School has 5 strategies, there are: (1) the development of quality education, experiential learning, and expanding access to learning;(2) the development of students in campus life that dynamic, creative, and innovative;(3) the developing of teachers;(4) cooperation and imaging / promote Al Firdaus Surakarta Primary School;(5) improve infrastructure in the learning activities of educational unit.The whole strategy is then implemented in the form of programs, budgets and procedures.The strategy outlined by the program, the budget and the procedure has been implemented with the value of SRA.Although still have some shortcomings in implementation, but Al Firdaus Primary School is said to have been run successfully because the values of Child Friendly School is dominant in that school. Keywords: Strategy Implementation, Strategy, Program, Budget, Procedures, Child Friendly School

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