ABADI, DWI (2016) DAERAH ISTIMEWA GUDEG. Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    SYNOPSIS Tugas Akhir DAERAH ISTIMEWA GUDEG Gudeg is one of the food that representing the characteristic of Yogyakarta. Gudeg itself is a traditional food since the days of ancient Mataram. The name ‘Gudeg’ was came from the way people cooked the food; they stir the ingredients all at once, or in Javanese language is called “angudeg-udeg”. Gudeg popularity can’t be separated from the role of the society and the newcomer in Yogyakarta. Students who have been studying in Yogyakarta universities have their own cogitation and memories of Yogyakarta. Nostalgic Gustatory, this term reflects the Gudeg phenomenon as the city landmark of Yogyakarta. People really loves Gudeg and it’s becoming one of the most favorite souvenir once people visit Yogyakarta. Many Gudeng entrepreneur packaged it in various ways; wrapped in papers, leaves, besek ,kendil and the newest and sophisticated way is Gudeng in a can. Gudeg in a can was successfully innovated by Gudeg Bu Tjitro and LIPI. With this innovation, Gudeg can be carried over long distances and time without using preservatives. Moreover, the government’s also take a part in Gudeg preservation. Yogyakarta government gives the platform and gathered Gudeg entrepreneurs in a Gudeg food centers. How’s the historical journey of Gudeg in the Indonesian culinary chronicle? How can Gudeng becoming the icon that very attached to Yogyakarta? Also what are the efforts from the local people and government for Gudeg preservation and make it as the icon of the city?

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