PEMAKNAAN CITRA DIRI PENGGUNA JEJARING SOSIAL (Studi Fenomenologi Mengenai Pemaknaan Citra Diri Melalui Motif Pada Pengguna Jejaring Sosial Path Berdasarkan Pekerjaan)

DAMAYANTI, ANNISA ETRI (2016) PEMAKNAAN CITRA DIRI PENGGUNA JEJARING SOSIAL (Studi Fenomenologi Mengenai Pemaknaan Citra Diri Melalui Motif Pada Pengguna Jejaring Sosial Path Berdasarkan Pekerjaan). Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Recorded a population of social media users Path in Indonesia has exceeded four million users. According to APJII (Indonesia Internet Service Provider Association), internet users are currently dominated by younger users between 18-25 years who’s status as the 55% of workers or entrepreneurs, 18% of students, 16% homemakers, 5% students, and 6% did not work. Something interesting from this social networking is what motive makes the users Pat using the Path and how they interpret the self-image. Aspect of communication that is examined is the study of the communicator and the message by way of analyzing the text level and through the confirmation level users. This research was done by categorizing the informant into 5 job i.e workers in the field of communication, the communication of the non-workers, housewives, students, and scholars. On the level of the text is analyzed using the theory of motives belonging to the diversion motives, personal relationships motives, personal identity motives, and surveillance motives. On the confirmation level, self-image is analyzed based on three stages in the looking-glass self: how they see themselves, how others perceive them, and how their feelings over the judgment of others. Research done by the method of Phenomenology. The object of this research is the active user Path and the message conveyed in the Path. This research took place during the period from December 2015-Januari 2016 and is linked to the account of the Path of researchers, as many as 10 informants. Based on the study and analysis of the data done found that users of the Path using the fourth motive in uploading the moment in the Path. Diversion motive in form of escapism away from routine and release of emotion. Personal relationship in the form of relationship with the environment and look for topics related to the interest for discussion with other users. Personal identity in the form of finding an inspiring role model or models from both the family and public figure, find the value of the amplifier’s personality through understanding and experience. Surveillance be moment associated with information that can be obtained. Self-image is meant through the three stages of the looking glass self, on the stages of perception found form self-image as a cheerful, wasteful private, closed, open, and workers. Stages of interpretation in the form of classy figure and image of “gaul”, was fond of spending money, easy controversy, easy to mad, family person, humors, mischievous, and active in the outdoor activities. Phase response found the existence of the feeling of not caring, uncomfortable, disturbed, and feeling glad. Keywords: Self-image, Social networking, Path, Motives, Job.

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