pengaruh media terkondisi sel punca mesenkimal selaput amnion terhadap jaringan paru yang terpapar asap rokok

Handi Priyambodo, R. (2016) pengaruh media terkondisi sel punca mesenkimal selaput amnion terhadap jaringan paru yang terpapar asap rokok. Masters thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Background and Objective: Cigarette smoking causes pulmonary inflammation and apoptosis implicated in COPD. It has been proposed that MSC secreting factors play crucial role in tissue regeneration. Using MSC conditioned media (MSC-CM) might be an alternative to MSC transplantation, however the concentration of secreting factors are too low for therapeutic use. We developed CM from hypoxic 3D culture of amniotic membrane MSC to increase these secreting factors. This study aimed to test the effect of administration of MSC-CM in inhibiting apoptosis in cigarette smoke lung damage. Method: This reseach was conducted under ethical clearance approval. To accomplish this study, 30 mice were exposed to cigarrete smoke for 12 weeks, 15 mice followed by MSC-CM administration and others with unconditioned media, mean linier intercept (mLi) and Caspase-3 were measured from lung histophatology. In vitro study using fibroalveolar cell exposed to cigarette smoke exctract (2%CSE) followed with MSC-CM was conducted to confirm effect of MSC-CM by MTT assay and VEGF level measurement. Result: This research reveal that MSC-CM inhibit lung damage confirmed with significantly lower mLi, while inhibit pulmonary cell apoptosis with significantly lower Caspase-3 level in mice administered with MSC-CM (p=0.00). In vitro study provides the evidence that MSC-CM promote fibroalveolar proliferation (MTT assay; p=0.00), while mediates anti-apoptosis effect which partly depends on up regulating of VEGF (VEGF level of MSC-CM group=1082.06 pg/ml; control group 261.027 pg/ml) Conclusion: MSC-CM has therapeutic potential in cigarette smoke induced lung damage in mice by inhibiting cell apoptosis as well as upregulating VEGF. Keywords: cigarette smoke, apoptosis, stem cell conditioned media

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