Dinamika Konflik antar stakeholder pada Implementasi Kebijakan Pengolahan dan Pemurnian Mineral Dalam Negeri di Provinsi Lampung

DEWI, SHINTA MARDIANA (2016) Dinamika Konflik antar stakeholder pada Implementasi Kebijakan Pengolahan dan Pemurnian Mineral Dalam Negeri di Provinsi Lampung. Masters thesis, universitas sebelas maret.

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    Conflict Dynamics among Stakeholders in the Implementation of Domestic Mineral Processing and Refining in Lampung Province. Thesis, First Counselor: Prof. Dr. Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, M.Si, Second Counselor: Dr. Rina Herlina Haryanti, S.Sos, Msi. Public Administration Magister Study Program, Postgraduate Program, Surakarta Sebelas Maret University. ABSTRACT The importance of natural resource management policy leads Government to stipulating domestic mineral processing and refining. The objectives of policy were to control the export of raw material mining product and to improve added value in the mining product. However, as a policy expected to cope with the problem related to natural resource management, it instead became contradictive and generated conflict between stakeholders in its implementation. This research aimed to find out the conflict dynamics among stakeholders, viewed from process aspect, factors affecting and conflict type. Lampung province was selected as the research location because it is one of provinces in Indonesia with potential mining reserve, particularly local iron ore profitable and qualified to be processed. In addition, the characteristic of mining concession in Lampung province is largely a national IUP holder. This study was a descriptive one with qualitative data. The sampling technique employed was purposive sampling one with informants from Mining and Energy Service, employers, workers, society. The data of research was collected through interview, documentation and observation technique, while data validation was carried out using data source triangulation. Analysis was conducted using document content and interactive analysis techniques. The result of research showed that the presence of conflict between stakeholders made this policy inapplicable in Lampung Province. The implementation was divided into three stages: Interpretation, Organization, and Application. Conflict process ran from latent, trigger, escalation, crisis to result phases in each of implementation stage. Conflict in interpretation phase was dominated with discourse conflict at Central level; organization phase was characterized with conflict between policy executors; application phase was characterized with conflict between local employers and third party resulting from the company termination. The factors underlying the conflict included: Difference of need between stakeholders; less effective communication; emotional tension with judicial review filing as the culmination; value or belief difference; structure factor in the presence of suppressing groups; history and foreign investment played a role in triggering the conflict. The type of conflict, according to the subject, was interpersonal one between government, local employers and third party. The substance of conflict was realistic in nature with non-supporting deposit reserve, high investment and infrastructure facility issues. The output of conflict was constructive in nature, in the presence of negotiation, and realized into revised policy forms. Viewed from life area, the conflict was economic one, the competition for scarce mineral resource. In addition, this conflict is also a political conflict, the struggle for power or authority between stakeholders. Keywords: conflict, stakeholder, processing and refining policy

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