Analisis Transformasi Struktur Perekonomian di Kabupaten Karanganyar Tahun 2008-2013

WIDODO, MULYO (2016) Analisis Transformasi Struktur Perekonomian di Kabupaten Karanganyar Tahun 2008-2013. Masters thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    ABSTRACT TRANSFORMATION ANALYSIS OF THE ECONOMIC STRUCTURE IN DISTRICT KARANGANYAR YEAR 2008-2013 MULYO WIDODO S421308011 This study aimed to analyze the relative potency of the economy and describe the role of the sector in Karanganyar basis. This study uses secondary data. The study was conducted in the time span 2008-2013. The analysis used include: 1) the relative economic potential of using: Shift Share analysis, Location Quotient (LQ) and Typology Klassen 2) decrypt using the base sector: a descriptive analysis associated with the morphology of the city Results of the analysis of the relative economic potential include: Shift Share analysis results show: first, Karanganyar growth along with the growth of Central Java province. Both the seven sectors has a positive value (+), the sector has a growth rate that is faster than the growth in the overall sector. Third agricultural sector and the services sector had a higher level of competitiveness compared to the same sector at the provincial level. Results of Location Quotient (LQ) includes: Karanganyar there are three sectors of the economy. The agricultural sector still has a propensity be prospective in the future. The agricultural sector is the dominant sector. While the manufacturing sector and the sector of electricity, gas, clean water is a prospective sector. Based on data from Klassen typology Karanganyar years 2008 - 2013 it is known that the sector is growing fast forward and Agriculture. Then the sector is advanced but depressed manufacturing industry, and the sector Electricity, Gas and Water Supply and Services Sector - Services included in the potential sectors. While the sector is relatively underdeveloped Mining and Quarrying, Construction Sector, Trade Sector, Hotels and Restaurants, Financial Sector, Real Estate and Business Services and Transportation and Communications Sector. Descriptive analysis the role of a sector basis to support regional development in Karanganyar, as follows: The process of regional development that occurred in Karanganyar, creating urban sprawl that spreads appropriate Karanganyar urban sprawl that is perembetan jump in all the districts in Karanganyar. This means that urban areas are growing in the middle of farmland were dominant in Karanganyar Keywords : Shift Share, Location Quotient (LQ) and Klassen Typology

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