Analisis Magneto-Impedansi Multilapisan [Ni80Fe20/Cu]N Hasil Elektro-deposisi pada Substrat Kawat Cu

WICAKSONO, B. ANGGIT (2016) Analisis Magneto-Impedansi Multilapisan [Ni80Fe20/Cu]N Hasil Elektro-deposisi pada Substrat Kawat Cu. Masters thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Multilayers [Ni80Fe20/Cu]N has been resulted electro-deposition on the wire Cu substrate. This study aims to examine the relationship of the ratio of MI to: (i) frequency current ac measurement (20 kHz - 100 kHz) (ii) the number iteration N, (iii) the thickness of the conductive layer (spacer) Cu, and (iv) geometry samples (wire solenoid and extends straight wire). The research method includes the experimental electro-deposition fabrication with stages, as follows: preparation, manufacturing electrolytic solution, electro-deposition, characterization of sample, analysis, and conclusions. Multilayer sample [Ni80Fe20/Cu]N is with N = 1, 3 and 5. Then the thickness of spacer Cu on multilayer [Ni80Fe20 (800 nm)/Cu (y nm)]3 variable by y = 200 nm, 250 nm, 300 nm, 350 nm, and 400 nm. For variations of geometric shapes, the sample is made of two kinds of linear wire by coated [Ni80Fe20 (800 nm)/ Cu (300 nm)]3. The sample is wound up to form a coil with diameter of 0.3 cm. The result showed the ratio MI is greater with increasing frequency of ac current (20 kHz - 100 kHz). These result is consistent for all multilayer samples that have been produced. MI also increases by looping the number of layers in multilayer [Ni80Fe20 (800 nm)/ Cu (300 nm)]N. Another result of spacer Cu modification layer thickness is found that the thicker the Cu spacer layer, the ratio of the smaller MI. While, the sample MI ratio results of the characterization of the variation in the geometry indicates that the ratio of MI change with changes in the geometry of the sample, ie from wire shape to solenoid shape. Overall experimental observations indicates that the ratio of the highest MI is 118.26% and the highest magnetic field sensor sensitivity is 53.75 %/mT for the same sample, namely sample multilayer [Ni80Fe20 (800 nm) / Cu (200 nm)]3. Keywords: Magneto-impedance, Electro-deposited, Multilayer NiFe/Cu, Thickness of Spacer Cu, Number of Iteration NiFe/Cu, Solenoid.

    Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
    Subjects: Q Science > QC Physics
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    Date Deposited: 26 Jan 2016 16:32
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