Perencanaan Strategis Solo Science Center Sebagai Pusat Peraga Iptek Kota Surakarta

N, MUHAMAD GOFUR (2016) Perencanaan Strategis Solo Science Center Sebagai Pusat Peraga Iptek Kota Surakarta. Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    ABSTRACT Muhamad Gofur Nurochim. D0111060. Strategic Planning of Solo Science Center As a Center of Science and Technology Surakarta. Thesis. Public Administration Major. Faculty of Social and Political Science. Sebelas Maret University. Surakarta. 2015. Solo Science Center is a science and technology center established to accommodate the education and tourism sectors for science and technology development and acculturation in Surakarta. Solo Science Center was inaugurated as an embryonic institution. Solo Science Center through the establishment of a strategic planning that is conducted by the Regional Development Planning Agency Surakarta. Steps of the strategic planning is crucial in determining policy. Therefore, in this research the authors aimed to assess the strategic planning Solo Science Center as a center of science and technology Surakarta, that will only be seen by comparing the process of strategic planning theory. This research used the strategic planning theory of Bryson (2007) concerning the steps of the strategic planning so as to facilitate the author in reviewing research topic and able to provide recommendations related to issues in the strategic planning is done. This research was conducted at the Regional Development Planning Agency Surakarta with descriptive methods supported by qualitative and quantitative data. Techniques of data collection using interviews, documentation, and election observation by informants purposively. The validity of the data using triangulation techniques and data sources. Data were analyzed using an interactive model, and analyzes the content of the document. The results showed that in the strategic planning Solo Science Center as a center of science and technology Surakarta done with 9 steps by the Regional Development Planning Agency Surakarta, namely : a. Informal forum; b. Studi Appeal; c. Focus Group Discussion (FGD); d. Formation of the Regional Technical Team; e. Workshop; f. Document preparation Solo Science Center; g. Soft Launching Solo Science Center; h. Accompaniment; i. Grand Launching Solo Science Center. The result of analysis explained that based on the analysis of strategic planning theory from Bryson, there were 5 of 8 steps theory Bryson performed. 5 steps being taken are: a. Initiate and agree on a process of strategic planning; b. Identifying the mandate of the organization; c. Clarify the mission and values of the organization; d. Assessing the external environment, the opportunities and threats; e. Assessing the internal environment, the strengths and weaknesses; f. Formulate strategies to manage issues; g. Creating an effective organizational vision for the future of the organization. But, 5 steps being taken still not maximal in that strategic planning. On the other, there is three steps that is not done are to assesses the external environment, assess internal environment , and identify the strategic issues facing the organization. By not going through that three steps, it can provide influence and an indication of the emergence of problems in internal and external factors related to the development of Solo Science Center in the future, because the achievement of the goals will succeed depends heavily on strategies defined systematic planning. Keyword : planning, strategic planning, science center

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