PROPAGANDA BARAT TERHADAP ISLAM DALAM FILM (Studi Tentang Makna Simbol dan Pesan Film "Fitna" Menggunakan Analisis Semiologi Komunikasi)

AWIYAT, ANGGID (2009) PROPAGANDA BARAT TERHADAP ISLAM DALAM FILM (Studi Tentang Makna Simbol dan Pesan Film "Fitna" Menggunakan Analisis Semiologi Komunikasi). Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    ANGGID AWIYAT, D 1206583 : WEST PROPAGANDA TO ISLAM THROUGH MOVIE (A Study of The Meaning of Symbols and Messages in The Movie "Fitna" Using Communication Semiology Analysis). Final Assignment, Communication Science, Faculty of Social Science and Political Science, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, 2009. Movie as the final output of cultural practice medium can be understood as a meaning production. Movies represent current ideas and realities through audio visual and naration that are presented in front of the audience. Movies use powers of images and languages. The language it self is a very powerful tool that affects human and if a language is also completed with visual ilustration, people said that it could say thousands of words. Movies also has function as messenger's medium from the movie maker to the audience. The message in a movie consists of symbols that come in each of it's scene. "Fitna" the movie is a documenter movie that shows few surah in Koran that is being used by the maker as the reason things happen that are described in video records and images. The maker wants to show how surah in Koran are being used by Moslems nowadays as the fundamental of criminal acts and anti democracy that happen lately. This movie has become a controversy because it attracts attention from people in the world, specially Moslems. "Fitna" was considered had been insulting Islam religion and the Koran. This research is made in order to find out what is the meaning of symbol and message, also fact about what has been done by the West to insult Islam as in "Fitna" the movie. Data analysis in this research is using the communication semiology based on Andrik Purwasito’s Message Studies (2003), which is underlined the main tool to measured the message from the communicator motive. The result of this research analysis has find out that of the main topic of anti-Islam propaganda that has been done by the West is to spreads Islamophobia inside the people. Violences that were done by a small group of Moslems by bringing Islamic symbols have been used by The West in mass media as a tool to hold civilization, so that the public will always blame on Islam. Papers from the west is trying to warn that Islam grows rapidly, and soon it will spreads over Europe, America, even over the world. Suggests of this research is Moslems must response but not reactivelly with emotional anarchy over the law, humanity and peaceful image of Islam, and need to watch on facts in Islam as a whole.

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