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    Tuminah, S890907030: Improving Students’ Vocabulary Mastery Using Beyond Centers and Circle Time Method (A Classroom Action Research in the Islam Kindergarten of Fahimna Surakarta in the Academic Year 2008/2009). Surakarta: English Education Department Graduate Program University of Sebelas Maret. This thesis is written to improve the students’ vocabulary mastery. The problem highlighted in this research is the low vocabulary mastery of Kindergarten students in Fahimna Surakarta that is caused by (1) the students’ difficulties in understanding meaning; (2) the students’ difficulties in using English words; (3) the students’ difficulties in pronouncing the words. The research is conducted in three cycles from April 2008 to March 2009 in group B of Islam Kindergarten of Fahimna Surakarta. The procedure of the research consist of identifying the problem, planning the action, implementing the action, observing the action, and reflecting the result of the research. In collecting the data, the researcher uses observational technique supported with test. The researcher finds quantitative data by doing the test. The tests are in the form of pre-test and post-test. In finding qualitative data, the researcher does direct observation in the classroom, interviews the teacher and the students. The quantitative data are analyzed by descriptive statistics. The qualitative data are analyzed by Constant Comparative Method. The result of the research shows that Beyond Center and Circle Time Method (BCCT) can improve the students’ vocabulary mastery. There is significant improvement in the result of pre-test and post-test of cycle one, two, and three. The mean in pre-test is 6.2. In cycle one the mean is 6.7, in cycle two the mean is 8.2, and in cycle 3 the mean is 8.8. The data prove that BCCT method really improve the students’ vocabulary mastery. First, they get vocabulary meaning from the main activities in the corner. Second, their ability in pronouncing English words improves through presentation in the circle time. Third, their ability in using English words improves through production phase. Fourth, creating interesting activities in the corner can make the students interested in learning English. Anyhow, there are some weaknesses of using BCCT method. When the teacher doesn’t have an ability to manage the class well, the classroom situation will be very crowded. If the teacher isn’t creative and innovative in creating activities in the corner, some students don’t join in the corner’s activities. The teacher should use interesting media, so that the students will be interested in joining English lesson. The institution should prove the required facilities to support teaching and learning process. The other researcher should prepare the planning of the research well in order to get a good result. Besides, the researcher should learn the characteristics of very young learners. Therefore, she/he will be able to overcome the problems related to the students’ psychological. The teacher must not either stay in her chair or stand in one place. The teacher has to give the instruction as explicit as possible. It will be better the teacher uses Total Physical Response (TPR). The use of TPR will be easier for the students to response the instruction. Through BCCT method, the students can play in the corner while they are learning. The teacher should be creative and innovative in creating activities in the corner to improve students’ vocabulary mastery.

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