PERMASALAHAN PENEGAKAN ATURAN KEBIJAKAN DAERAH (Studi Kasus Kegiatan Eksploitasi Tambang Marmer Ilegal di Desa Besole Kecamatan Besuki Kabupaten Tulungagung)

LESTARI, Iramaya Dyahayu Tri Suci (2015) PERMASALAHAN PENEGAKAN ATURAN KEBIJAKAN DAERAH (Studi Kasus Kegiatan Eksploitasi Tambang Marmer Ilegal di Desa Besole Kecamatan Besuki Kabupaten Tulungagung). Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Iramaya Dyahayu Tri Suci Lestari. D0111046. Rule Enforcement Problems of Regional Policy (A Case Study: Illegal Marble Quarry Exploitation Activities in Besole Village, Besuki Sub-District, District of Tulungagung). Thesis. Study Program of Public Administration Science. Faculty of Social Science and Political. University of Sebelas Maret Surakarta. 2015. 125 Pages. Tulungagung Regency is one of the largest producer of marble stone city in Indonesia, where the mining of marble stone’s activities centered in Besole village, Besuki sub-district. There are a lot of mining industry in the village, but the majority of the miners was illegal. The purposes of this research are knowing that carried out by the Government of Tulungagung district associated with the mining of illegal marble stone’s activities in the Besole village, Besuki sub-district, district of Tulungagung, factors that affectS enforcement of the policy rules mining marble stones related with illegal mining in Besole village, Besuki subdistrict, district of Tulungagung. The type of this research is a qualitative descriptive study. The location of this research was Besole village, Besuki sub-district, district of Tulungagung and public works, Irrigation and Energy Mineral resources official Tulungagung district. The data source obtained from informants and documentation study. The technique of data collection were done by interviews, observation, and documentation. The technique used the sample withdrawal of non-probability sampling with purposive sampling type. There are three Techniques of analyzing data with used analysis interactive technique, that are: data reduction, data display and conclusion drawing. Meanwhile the data validation was conducted using triangulation’s data. The results of this research show that the enforcement rules of the marble stone mining activities in the Besole’s village, Besuki’s sub-district, district of Tulungagung have not been good enough, because the elements of the enforcement rules i.e. supremacy of the law, equality before the law, and provided the basic human rights by the law or the decisions of the courts hasn’t meet all goals the Regional Regulation of Tulungagung’s district number 11 of 2010 about the management of mineral and coal. There are several factors that affect the rules of enforcement policy related activities mining marble stones in the village of Besole, i.e. implementing attitude/disposition, communications, resources, and compliance as well as power support target group. Other obstacles are perceived by the enforcement of the rule is the act number 23 of 2014, where natural resource management Authority become the affair or the authority of the Central Government/provinces. Keywords: enforcement of the rules, exploitation, illegal marble quarry.

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