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    N ASKAH SȆRAT KAWRUH MAHNITISMȆ (S UATU TINJAUAN FILOLOGIS ) Septi Anggita Kriskartika 1 Dr. Supana, M.Hum 2 Dra. Endang Tri Winarni, M.Hum 3 ABSTRACT 2015. Skripsi: Javanese Department Fakulty of Science Culture Sebelas Maret Surakarta University The background research The Sêrat Kawruh Mahnitismê Manuscript (The SKM Manuscript) are (1) in the Manuscript SKM discovered manuscript variants, namely la c una 11 variants , addition 1 variant, hiperkore ct 9 variants , unconsistency manuscript, punctuation are not common in Javanese script, (2) the contents, the prestige that exists in The SKM Manuscript need to be presented, (3) in terms of the field of science has not been studied Philology of The SKM Manuscript. The problems addressed in this study are (1) how the manuscript text editi ng The SKM Manuscript of errors and in accordance with the workings of Philology (2) how the types of prestige that no role in The SKM Manuscript The purpose of this study was (1) present the manuscript text edit ing The SKM Manuscript of errors in accordance with the workings of Philology and (2) how the types of prestige that exist in The SKM Manuscript Section Figure pamor 1 1 Mahasiswa Jurusan Sastra Daerah dengan NIM C0111030 2 Dosen Pembimbing 1 3 Dosen Pembimbing 2 The realization of this research is descriptive qualitative nature of Philology. This type of researc h is the use of research library (library research). The data source is a Text SKM and text book SKM and research data is text book and text SKM . The SKM Manuscript is a single manuscript. Data collection techniques starts with an inventory of manuscript w ith manuscript catalogs stored in libraries or institutions, manuscript titles are listed, then the research and checking the truth of the existence of manuscript in storage earlier manuscript. Further photographic techniques, that the manuscript was digit alisation. Then Manuscript SKM transcripted and with content analysis techniques . Technique of data analysis of this research with interaktif tehnique. Which is divided into three components analysis, namely data reduction, data presentation, and conclutio n.Single script method is used with the standart edition. Further examined the contents of tha manuscripts SKM. Presents the contents in text SKM. The conclusions of this study are (1) The SKM Manuscript Library collection Sasanapustaka Palaces Surakarta S ultanate catalog numbered 251 Ha is a single script. The SKM Manuscripts contain text and images. Script edits The SKM Manuscript in Chapter I I is a clean edits of error according to the workings of Philology and approach the original text. (2) In The SKM Manuscri ps manifoold teachings in which there are 13 (thirtheen) chapters are interrelated. In The text explaining the meaning of magnetism science or science of hart or mind, markers have anda do not have magnetism, how to train science of magnetism, th e application science magnetism, magnetism benefits. SKM overall core contents are learning control evrything that ecists in human, such as synchronizes thought, heart, heart controllin and press controlling lust .

    Item Type: Thesis (Other)
    Subjects: P Language and Literature > P Philology. Linguistics
    Divisions: Fakultas Sastra dan Seni Rupa
    Fakultas Sastra dan Seni Rupa > Sastra Daerah
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    Date Deposited: 21 Nov 2015 11:37
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