WACANA RUU PEMILU 2009 DALAM PEMBERITAAN DI MEDIA MASSA (Studi Analisis Wacana tentang Pemberitaan RUU Pemilu 2009 di Surat Kabar Harian Kompas dan Republika periode 14 Februari –4 Maret 2008)

Sadewa, A W D Adnan (2009) WACANA RUU PEMILU 2009 DALAM PEMBERITAAN DI MEDIA MASSA (Studi Analisis Wacana tentang Pemberitaan RUU Pemilu 2009 di Surat Kabar Harian Kompas dan Republika periode 14 Februari –4 Maret 2008). Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    A W D ADNAN SADEWA, D0203025: General Election BILL discourse In Communication at Mass Media,Discourse Analyse about General Election BILL Communication 2009 at Kompasand Republika Daily Newspaper period 14th February –4th March 2008. Communication Knowledge majors Social Science and Politics Faculty, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, 2009. This observational intention is subject to be know discourses any kind that attempt passed on by news text about General Election BILL communication on Kompasand Republika Daily Common which is published on period 14th February – 4th March 2008. One that as attention, on that period be happens General Election BILL study 2009. But, that General Election BILL study progress its so slowing. On the contrary finds time happening two times validation pause, because of haven't marked sense deal among fraction that is at `DPR`. So since impasse happening under consideration it, therefore that BILL validation plotting to utilize majority voice elect mechanism. As one of pillar democratizes, in the presence mass media give big contribution to society in behave General Election BILL 2009study. But then big support that at that mass media bellyband not eternally gets to be performed, because of that media is alone formed up behalf. Analysis that is utilized in this research is Morphological Discourse which at introduces by Teun` A. Dijk. van Dijk sees that sentence using up, say, and given language style as part of communicator strategy that have hand in glove bearing with Ianguage politics problem. Sentence using up, say, and given language style is not mere be viewed as trick gets communication, but has to be viewed as by politics gets communication namely someway to regard public opinion,creating support, getting legitimation for and foe or antagonist. Van Dijk discourse structure is someway that effective to see lingual using up process and persuationwhich did by communicator. Utilizing given word, given lingual style to emphasize politics attitude or particular opinion. Its emphasis dot on image gooding to her and person or party that be backed up, also debasingperson or party that don't in line with communicator. Writers morphological result of Kompas and Republika newspaper text up to research period, its main hit General Election BILL study since date of 14th February –4th March 2008, point out available four emerging main theme of second media communication that. There is even theme fourth that, first, about the pro contra in decision making mechanism under consideration General Election BILL 2009. Second, the study of important material of General Election BILL 2009 one happen slowgoing and “hard”. Third, about the pro contra of validating on delay General Election BILL 2009. Fourth, the pro contra of validating working out General Election BILL 2009 over majority ballotings. That thing is looked of tematic structure braid, skematic, semantic one mutually backs up deep each news article text. From that fourth main theme analysis, gotten that each media has trend in its communication. Kompas Common Day tends contra with validating General Election BILL that utilize majority balloting mechanism. But contrariwise Daily Republika, on the contrary tends agreement to utilize majority balloting mechanism to solve General Election BILL, in consideration time constraint that progressively constricts. But basically, both of that media give criticism on slowgoing `DPR` performance in solve that General Election BILL 2009.

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