LESBIANISMEDALAM NOVEL (StudiSemiotika TentangMakna Lesbianismedalam Novel Gerhana Kembar karya Clara Ng)

P, Ayu Abriyani K (2009) LESBIANISMEDALAM NOVEL (StudiSemiotika TentangMakna Lesbianismedalam Novel Gerhana Kembar karya Clara Ng). Other thesis, UNIVERSITAS SEBELAS MARET.

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    Gender differences show about position of womenis weak from menand women destiny is always to serve men, and it’s cause gendernot fair. Women considered to ”the second sex” that always called ‘the second member’ which is the position is not to count. If the gender is not fair, itcan be arouse feminism operation. Feminism is an ideology, like communism, is try to erase a history and change every think that contradictory with the dominant idea. Feminism just not tries to adapt word, but also grammar, and protect gender from language that shape fromgendersection. Now, every woman with shiver start to launch word of ’emancipation’ in everyactivity. Women begins stronger, sometimes the destiny become upside down and deviation is happen. There is like to command her husband because she feels get more money, and also becomelesbian because she feels stronger like man and able to protect other women who are weak. Novel Gerhana Kembar tells about love story of lesbian which is from honesty.From the symbols, writer wants to mean the meaning from lesbianism represented. This research hopes, can give benefit for development studies of communicationsemiotics and give knowledge thatlesbian also have goodside and not alwaysidentical with bad behaviors. This research characteristic is descriptive qualitative, that purpose to describe with exactly individual characteristic, exists, phenomenon, or frequency there is certain relationship between the phenomenon and other phenomenon in society. Material collecting doeswith the book and other references. The analysis does with communication semiotics method with Pierce process meaningto know everything about meaning inside of the Novel Gerhana Kembar that relationship withlesbianismmeaning based on categories the love, the feel, and the attitude. Validities that are use in this research aretriangulation resource technique. Analysisresult from this research showsin thisnovel lesbian also a usual human that have a dream and hopes.Love affairs that happen between them shows from interesting feels, amazement, and expressof feeling love to their couple. Thelesbian feeling same like a usual human, in this novel shows from happy feeling, disappointed, and afraid.Sometimes they also have feeling guilty because they have deviation destiny and loving the same sex.Lesbianattitudethat show in this novel are kissing one another, embrace, walking side by side, take a seat together, to flatter each otherandcheer up one another.

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