Cultural Acculturation of Javanese and Tionghoa and Its Values in Forming Nation Character of In Batik Lasem

Rizali, Nanang and Sudardi, Bani and Hartini, (2012) Cultural Acculturation of Javanese and Tionghoa and Its Values in Forming Nation Character of In Batik Lasem. .

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    Lasem known as by a typical batik town because batik in Lasem colored by the culture Tionghoa (China). Culture Lasem also express the culture Tionghoa so that is often referred as by small Tiongkok This research leave from phenomenon that in batik tulis Lasem express a n cultural acculturation among/between culture of Tionghoa and culture of comb Java and also Java kraton. The acculturation represents the harmonic acculturation able to be lifted to create the ethnic cultural relation so that arise the atmosphere which condusive in nation and state association. In expressing the acculturation values, social aspect of culture of creation of swan song of batik become one of the research variable This research represents the descriptive research qualitative. this Research goals is to describe cultural solidarity compatibility of Java of Coastal area culturally is Tionghoa in design of batik Lasem. Study emphasized at by a motif aspect and also social and cultural background which background overshadow the batik motif. This Research location in District Lasem, Train of dresses the, Apex, and Pamotan, Apex Sub-Province. In Place this, these days batik write the Lasem still exists, even become the commodity of pledge of Apex Sub-Province This Research represent the research multiyear by target of especial research, that is: No. Year Target 1. 2012 Try to describe compatibility in cultural acculturation of Java And Tionghoa drawn in design of batik Lasem 2. 2013 Try to describe of moral messages as form character in batik Lasem (batik China) so that applicable to develop; build the nation character. 3. 2014 Compiling concepts to form of nation character of pursuant to batik Lasem In the first year the researcher succeed to identify that among/between Javanese and China in Lasem have been formed by since long time ago. Among/Between China and Java have been waked up by a community which is equipping each other. People China has stay in this Lasem since hundreds of year. Oral Tradition mentions that people China come to Lasem first of all since epoch of Cheng Ho of at about/around century to 16. Narrated by team of Cheng Ho later; then marry the indigenous resident and later; then remain to in Lasem. This Clan Cheng Ho degrades the people of China Lasem. Cultural Acculturation of batik Lasem is also happened in batik production. The China owners take Javanese as labor of batik making. People China here also adopts the Java culture in some cases. Though China in Lasem in general believes in the non Islam, but they associate with the goodness with the Islam people. Suppose the, Batik of Full moon provide the mushola for praying of the labor and showroom visitors. Product of Batik Lasem also express the cultural acculturation of Java And Tionghoa which mirror in decorative manner and color of batik Lasem of like blue bang, lokcan, tok wi ( altar cloth), three country, China, bird hong, etcetera. The research is reached by result is compilation of draft of research report expected by finish by the end of October 2012. In this time researcher also have succeeded to compile the erudite article for the journal of DIMENSION (Faculty of Fine Arts and Desain, University Trisakti, Jakarta) what in this time in course of accreditation DIKTI.

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