Message Engineering: Cultural Communication Strategies in the Sacred Mission Walisongo,

Purwasito, Andrik (2012) Message Engineering: Cultural Communication Strategies in the Sacred Mission Walisongo,. .

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    Keyword : message packaging, message engineering, local wisdom, Risalah al-Islamiyah, cultural communication The background of research is starting to interest about Islamisation in Indonesia, especially in Java by Walisongo, the Nine Saint-Communities. In Reallity, Islam is growing very fast in Java compare its development at the other continent, in Middle Asia, North Africa and Western Europe. The second interest, the Islamisation in Java by Walisongo is very limited studied from the perspective of communication science. The obyective of this research is trying to know both : how cultural communication strategy and how the message engineering Risalah al-Islamiyah (even more methods of propaganda) employed by Walisongo on communication perspective. As we know that the theory of communication assume that difference of frame reference between communicators dan communicant on communication actions, become the barriers. Based on that assumptions, the results of this study are expected to refine a new asumption theory of communication. Analytical methods to solve the problems, used a critical interpretation through three stages analyzing, as follows: 1. Analyzing of cultural communication strategy 2. Analyzing message engineering 3. Elaboate a new theorytical assumption. The conclusion of this research, for the firs problem is, that the cultural communication strategy for mission sacre by Walisongo, is try to package the Islamic doctrine based on indigenous, Javanesse wisdom, namely pangruwatan. Pangruwatan as cultural communication strategy is a form the message packaging of the Islamic doctrine via javanesse ritualism. Pangruwatan question is removal the bad doctrine principles of life (name in Javanesse term Sengkala) and trying to replace with a new doctrine, generally through the ritual of performance of a puppet show. Pangruwatan as a form of traditional ritual to achieve a good quality of life and just the same with Islamic teachings, wich also promises a better quality of life during of life and in paradise.The results of analyzing concluded that Indonesia (especially Java) have a strategy and tactics to communicate, rather than communication strategies and tactics used by nations of the Western world. The second problem posted, that is also led to the discovery of a new theoretical assumption, which states, one hand to strengthen existing theoretical assumptions, and on the other hand, refining existing theoretical assumptions. Some theoretical assumptions are supported, firstly, assumpsion that a successful communication act by professional communicators, which has a high credibility vis a vis the communicant. Secondly, that skills in communication, such as empathy (empan-papan) will be able to minimize noise and distortion in the communication action. Thirdly, successful communication action can not be separated from the sociocultural background of the communicant. Theoretical assumptions have been discovered in this researh, perfected rather than reject the existing theoretical assumptions, based on assumption “that the different frame of reference of participant communication become the barrier of communication.” The study concluded or propose a new assumption, that barrier of communication on communication action, due to differences in cultural frame of reference and the settings can be controlled through the capabilities of communicator. Because the communicators succeed in doing packing message based on local wisdom possessed by the communicant.

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