SUHARNO, (2014) MODEL SAVI DALAM PEMBELAJARAN. AKADEMIKA Jurnal pemikiran dan penelitian pendidikan tinggi, 3 (1). ISSN 1979-4754

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    AbstracE Learning does not iust mean moving plqysically possible' active during their sfitdies, utilizing as mqnysenses as and make the whole body/mind * invo[vid in tn-" t"riing p*cess. But in the conventional sense tends to keep people physically pasivefor a toig ume. e"tniry-tarea rcaiif,{igeneral is much more effective than those based presentations' materials' and media' The reason is quite simpteinoi to .tea* (whole activity)' It has.leen-yroven tnoig"ttiii i"opre invorved compretery that people uiuatty b;;;;;; with g variety osactiviaes and experiences are chosen appropriately' than if they learn to tii nTrontZTthe spiakea guide boori, terevision, or computers. physicar activity improue the mental processes. Thereforqbtockrig the moiii"nt oy*, body meansh inder the mind to function optimally' In contrasl involves the body in tile satdy tenied to eticit iuman inteiligence is fuily integrated. Learning by involving mentallyand physicallysincithe ea*ly liill'shasn""niiioaucedby sev*arexpea*interms ofprocesss k,rs. At this session will learn how a pirson views the complatity, both physicatty and the other senses. Rey Words : M entally and physi cal octivity, many se ns es, p rocess skil/s.

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    Date Deposited: 18 Apr 2014 03:14
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