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    One of the activity Sibermas in the first year ( year 2008) is empowerment of oyster mushroom farmer in Sidomulyo village. Activity taken are to training of oyster mushroom conducting, to introductioning of sterilization appliance with the larger ones capacities and to forming of oyster mushroom group. Group of oyster mushroom formed to be called " Gotong Royong" where having 15 member. Year of 2010, this group get the program of IbM of Batch II that where activity focus of improvement of technology of sterilization and business management. Amount member of Gotong Royong KUBE to become equal to 22 people. Result activity of IbM year of 2010 are introduction of sterilization appliance with the equipments capacities equal to 1.200 - 1.600 unit baglog per sterilization process. Problems faced by KUBE that are : a) Not yet efficient of usage of sterilization appliance in making of mushroom baglog, b) Management of KUBE which lower relative, c) Development of business each member of KUBE which still limited. Main target of this activity are increase product and sale volume so that earnings/ advantage of all member KUBE. While target specially that is : a) the make-up of sterilization technology of oyster mushroom baglog by using fuel of agriculture waste, b) strength group and capital access. Implementation of the IbM program are : a. Wake up design the appliance of sterilization of oyster mushroom baglog Executor team to rebuild design the equipments capacities which adapted for requirement of KUBE member in each time process the sterilization. In designing to wake up the equipments, executor team previously compare study to cluster of making baglog using sterilization appliance such as those which meant. b. Introduction of sterilization appliance of oyster mushroom baglog Counted 3 sterilization appliance unit have been designed and then introduce to KUBE c. Training of mushroom Seed This training is very required by all member KUBE in business development both personally and group. Often oyster mushroom seed there no storey of seed producer because running out of stock. Training of this oyster mushroom seed is implementation in Agro Makmur of Karangpandan District Karanganyar regency. d. Business management training Business management training more emphasized how all member KUBE in business managing start from raw material levying, processing sterilization, conducting of oyster mushroom, until marketing of mushroom of oyster and baglog. e. Practical bookkeeping training Business bookkeeping training needed to absolute practical bookkeeping know the busniness growth either in group level and also group member level. f. Access the capital to banking In activity access the capital to banking institute, BRI of Unit Ngrambe as one of the banking offer the skim credit able to be channelled to all producer of mushroom of oyster and also baglog. The selecting of BRI of Unit Ngrambe in accessing capital to this banking because single banking in the region offering credit with the low flower, easy access the transportation and amenity in course of credit proffering g. Forming of pre co-operation Target of co-operation forming is secure and prosperous all member. Condition of legal cooperation forming have paid-in Rp 15 million minimum capital bank counted. Because of difficulty in paid-in capital gathering, all member KUBE agree to found the pre co-operation beforehand legal body. h. Strength of group Strength of group gone through by : a) management openness in group to all member, b) improve the better group management, c) openness in solving of problems that happened in group, d) uplift skill the, knowledge and leadership of source human being in the group In general, activity which have been implemented as according to goals which have been specified. There’s only one activity of follow-up of training of oyster mushroom seed which not yet walked because limitation in levying of equipments investment. But the mentioned is being laboured in course of loaning to related/relevant on duty to test-drive result of training. Activity which have been implemented to give the improvement to earnings of member KUBE.

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