WANITA JAWA DALAM PENDIDIKAN KOLONIAL (Studi Sekolah Van Deventer di Mangkunegaran Surakarta)

Setiaji, Aris Himawan (2011) WANITA JAWA DALAM PENDIDIKAN KOLONIAL (Studi Sekolah Van Deventer di Mangkunegaran Surakarta). Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Aris Himawan Setiaji. WOMEN EDUCATION IN COLONIAL JAVA (A Study on Van Deventer School in Mangkunegaran Surakarta). Thesis, Surakarta: Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Sebelas Maret University, January 2011. The objective of research is to describe: (1) the role of Javanese woman in colonial time, (2) the attempts Adipati Mangkunegoro VII had taken to promote education in Mangkunegaran, (3) the education system of Van Deventer School. In line with the objective above, this research employed a historical method. This research was taken place in Pura Mangkunegaran, Surakarta. The data collection was done using library study, interview and classical text analysis. Technique of analyzing data used in this research was historical analysis, that is, the one emphasizing the acuity in interpreting the historical data. Considering the result of research, it can be concluded that: (1) in colonial time, the education for woman was not considered as important, woman was considered as a subordinate group having no role in all area but in domestic area. Woman was only the second class group under the man class, the woman position was considered as unequal to the man position. In the term of education, women only got education from informal or family environment, they were only educated and taught how to become mother and wife who was submitted to husband’s desire. (2) Mangkunegoro VII attempted to promote the education in his areas, including formal education on the form of school buildings establishment such as village schools and Siswo Mangkunegaran school. In addition, he also attempted to build school for woman, Van Deventer School. In addition to formal, Mangkunegoro VII also organized the informal education through the youth organizations and the illiteracy eradication effort. Even in promoting such education, Mangkunegoro VII also granted scholarship, (3) Van Deventer school was established in 1927 by Van Deventer fonds Foundation based in Netherlands during Mangkunegoro VII reign, this school was the private-owned school established for female children. In its implementation, the school, in addition to be funded by Van Deventer fonds Foundation, also got grant from Mangkunegaran officers. During Mangkunegoro VII reign, Van Deventer closed the school once the collapse of Dutch rule in Indonesia and then replaced with Japanese power, Van Deventer school experienced considerable progresses. This school could become the favorite female school at that time, in addition to getting special attention from Mangkunegara VII and his wife, Van Deventer school also had facility and lesson material different from other preexisting female schools in Mangkunegaran. In this school the women were educated and prepared to enter the domestic life with all of its responsibilities, because they were equipped with sufficient knowledge on domestic life and many kinds of skill

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