Yang, Yang (2010) PREDIKAT DALAM BAHASA INDONESIA DAN BAHASA MANDARIN. Other thesis, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

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    Yang Yang, S110908015. Predicates in Indonesian and Chinses. Principal Supervisor: Dr. Sumarlam, M.S; Second Supervisor: Prof. Dr. H. Edi Subroto. Thesis: Masters Degree Program in Linguistics, Post Graduate Program of Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, 2010. The purpose of this research is: 1) to describe and compare the subject and predicate and their location in Chinese and Indonesian; 2) to describe and compare the category and role of predicate in Chinese and Indonesian; 3) to describe and compare the sentences within copula and modal verb in Chinese and Indonesian; 4) to describe and compare the sentences of Jianyu and Lianwei in Chinese and Indonesian; 5) to describe and compare the similarities and differences of predicate between Chinese and Indonesian. In line with its problems and objectives, this research employs a qualitative – descriptive approach. The data for this research are predicates in simple sentences in Chinese and Indonesian obtained from linguistic theses/articles whose topics are about syntax and semantics. The theories used to analyze the data are contrastive linguistics, syntax (syntactic category and function), semantic roles and predicate. The results of this research indicate that : 1) both Chinese and Indonesian are the languages with SVO construction, and the predicate is located behind the subject; 2) the category and the role of predicate are similar in both languages; 3) the copula and modal verb are similar in both languages, but modal verb cannot be reduplicated or be followed directly with noun in Chinese; 4) both Indonesian and Chinese have lianwei and jianyu sentences, but there are some special different structures that can not be translated literally; 5) the similarities of predicates are more than the differences between the two languages, though the opinions of the linguists about the analytical theories and methods are different. This research provides some valuable information for language teaching and translation between Chinese and Indonesian: the location; the categories and role of the predicate in the two languages are similar; the common, the special, or the complex predicates in Chinese can be found and translated literally into Indonesian; and the similarities are more than the differences between the two languages. Key words: Indonesian, Chinese, Predicate.

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    Subjects: P Language and Literature > PI Oriental languages and literatures
    Divisions: Pasca Sarjana > Magister > Linguistik - S2
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