SINKRETISME DALAM NOVEL HUBBU KARYA MASHURI (Kajian Sosiologis, Budaya, dan Resepsi Pembaca)

Aksanti, Dian (2011) SINKRETISME DALAM NOVEL HUBBU KARYA MASHURI (Kajian Sosiologis, Budaya, dan Resepsi Pembaca). Masters thesis, UNIVERSITAS SEBELAS MARET.

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    Dian Aksanti. S 840809203. Syncretism in Novel of Hubbu Written by Mashuri, Study of Social Culture and Reader Reception. Thesis. Surakarta: Indonesian Language Education Program, the Postgraduate of the University of Sebelas Maret Surakarta, Januari 2011. Target of this research is to describe and explain: ( 1) structure of social culture society in novel of Hubbu written by Mashuri, ( 2) form assess and social culture of syncretism, ( 3) reader reception. Form of this research is descriptive qualitative with circular method of hermeneutic. Source of this research data is novel of Hubbu written by Mashuri, writer’s biography, comments of readers, and dialogue with writer, and article, newspaper, internet as supporter of problems of research. Technique analyzes of this research uses sampling purposive. The Data research validity uses method of triangulation theory. Technique analyze data used is model of interactive dialectic. Research procedure which is researcher done pass through three steps, they are: (1) phase of exploration to obtain general view, ( 2) phase of exploration focus, ( 3) checking phase and authenticity of data. Based on data analysis pass through study of social culture, can be concluded: ( 1) Background of social culture novel of Hubbu included creative process of author, background of social culture society ( social faction of Java society, artistic of Java culture, usage of Ianguage in society, society consanguinity, endowment of leadership, forwarding of criticism), figure as materialization of Java society buttonhole; ( 2) form assess and social culture of syncretism covering: ( a) religion value: form assess of belief in one God, form assess of belief in God, especial value form, form assess of kewaskitaan; ( b) assess of Java philosophy: form assess of settled condition, form assess of certainty, form assess of kejatmikaan, form assess of reconciliation, honorary value form; ( c) ethical of Javanese value: wise value form, precise value form of promise, form assess of congeniality, form asses of humbleness, form asses of toleration, form asses of affection, (d) asses of Javanese ethical.

    Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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    Divisions: Pasca Sarjana > Magister > Pendidikan Bahasa Indonesia - S2
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